Muxxybot Fiction Curation #1

in fiction •  last year


Muxxybot's curation team scours Steemit looking for excellent minnow posts that they feel deserve more exposure and higher payouts. These are nominated by the team and voted on in our Discord channel. Those we deem the best are then curated by Muxxybot.

All featured posts will be upvoted 100% by Muxxybot, and their authors will have every future post upvoted by him.

@GMuxx will also resteem every curation post to his followers.


First selection is @tinypaleokitchen nominated by @bex-dk....*....

@bex-dk says: @tinypaleokitchen gifts us with a touching tale of a rescued border collie who just wants to make her owner proud. We experience the world from the dog's eyes as she struggles to find her way in a scary and confusing world. As an extra bonus, the author has pledged the SBD from the post to an animal rescue!

Muxxybot dog not understand dogs....*....pets do not compute.


Second selection is @jonknight nominated by @tinypaleokitchen....*....

@tinypaleokitchen says: A clever tale of heartbreak written by @jonknight all within a 48 hour contest deadline. An invisible man meets an invisible woman but something about her feels familiar. How can that be when he’s never heard her voice or seen her face?

Muxxybot has no emotions....*....Muxxybot appreciates the speed with which this tale was spun.


Next up is @lenadr nominated by @tinypaleokitchen....*....

@tinypaleokitchen says: A lonely ghost finds out the afterlife isn't what he expected in this humorous short by @lenadr. The spirits of the dead wander the streets, doomed to eternity on the sidelines, unable to interact. Or are they?

Muxxybot's humor circuits engaged....*....99.974% achieved. Har....*....har....*....har.


Muxxybot's final choice is @scottish01 nominated by @thinknzombie....*....

@thinknzombie says: @Scottish01 tackles the contest prompt in an unexpected way in this imaginative and well-structured short story. It shows that even the forgotten among us can discover each other and possibly find romance.

Muxxybot's romance circuits offline....*....entertaining and well written contest entry.

..*..battery low...powering down..*..


Muxxybot uses any money sent his way to power up and further his plans for world domination....*....He does not deign to resteem or upvote those who choose to feed him.

Muxxybot compiles his lists of great content on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Muxxybot curates poetry on Tuesdays and fiction on Thursdays

Please consider delegating some SP towards helping Muxxybot grow in power. He will be able to reward featured authors with stronger votes. Go HERE to delegate or feel free to contact @GMuxx at the Discord server HERE. All delegators 10 SP or above will get added to his Steemvoter for upvotes on all future posts.

Muxxybot now has a curation trail. If you are on Streemian and would like to follow along, CLICK HERE.

NOTE: Muxxybot does not support plagiarised content, pornography, doxxing or inflammatory posts. I reserve the right to pull votes from any posts and to remove featured authors from Muxxybot's voting list. If you see Muxxybot voting on questionable content, please contact me.

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Many thanks, I am delighted to be included with these other entries, thank you so much :-)

I am honored @muxxy-bot and thank you @tinypaleokitchen!

Delegated SP - support teh muxxy-bot.

Thank you @tinypaleokitten and @muxxybot!!

I love your comments, @MuxxyBot

This edition is the cream of the crop @Muxxybot... All exceptional pieces.

Thank You muxxybot and team for more folks to check out!

Nice post!

Now that steemit finally works properly again: I'm so so honoured. Thank you!