Murphy's Island

in #fiction4 years ago

We had seen the images of the island and were really amazed with the price we got, to spend our honeymoon on such a paradise.

It was raining when we got there.

But we didn’t care. We had just got married and were as happy as we could be. All we wanted was to get to the hotel room and try the bed.

We couldn’t get our hands of each other while we were waiting for our luggage.
But half an hour later we were still waiting for our luggage and the enthusiasm was turning into worry.

"I’m sorry sir but there’s nothing we can do. You’ll have to talk to your travel agency about your missing luggage."

We grab a taxi to take us to the hotel and on the way the rain stops and the sun starts to shine, heating up our mutual desire and brightening our optimism.

The driver left us in front of the burning hotel.

There were other spectators on the spot but not much of the frenzy you would expect. Everyone was watching the flames as if what they were seeing was inevitable. No sirens to be heard….

"Excuse me, sir. Why isn’t anyone trying to put out the fire?"

"The fire department burned down last week."

We had to find another place to stay. The only thing available was a really expensive apartment right by the beach.

After a good night of sleep we had recovered our passion and were ready to consummate our marriage.

The phone rings.

We were expecting some news regarding our luggage so I had to take it.
Our belongings were in London and would take another day to arrive to the island.
Could be worse.

Back to the bedroom and to our consummation.

Someone knocks at the door.

The owner wanted to introduce himself, welcome us and also let us know that we shouldn’t go into the sea at that beach.

"Both our lifeguards drowned a few days ago. Nice to meet you. Bye."

You can see where this is going.
Needless to say that everything that could have gone wrong went terrible.

A beautiful island where the fire department burned down, where the lifeguards drowned, where the police was arrested, where the doctor is always sick and where honeymoon couples go to return divorced.

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