Living next to Superman

in #fiction4 years ago

Yep, that's my theory. Let me explain.

I live on a second floor duplex and the top floor is basically a master deluxe super suite but it's also an attic.
The house was recovered and rebuilt but it kept the same wood structure ( with new wood of course) so it's very flexible and since I sleep with my head one meter distance from the roof, you can really feel the wind and the house bend when there's a storm or earthquake.

Back to superman.

So every weekday I feel a gust of wind and the consequential house shake around 6:30 am.
Now let me make this clear:

  • every weekday;
  • always at around 6:30 am;
  • a single gust of wind and house shake;

The conclusion I reached was that one of my neighbors is superman/superwoman or at least can fly and doesn't like driving to work.

You might be asking: "How is he in bed at 6:30 am and awake to notice this phenomenon?"
Well, I'm not very gifted to sleep and after 6:00 am I just lay pretending.

Let me know what you think :)


We need stay informed and be aware of things that are hidden from the majority. Thanks for the perfect post! Resteemed.

:) We sure do :) Thanks @video-master

Great Post brother

I would say your neighbour eats far too much beans :p

Thought about that but for since I don't notice any strange smell in the air, the superman theory seems a better explanation :)

True... its more logic :D

Hmmm...very interesting. Perhaps, it is someone in the supernatural realm saying 'Good morning" to you in a way that is sure to get your attention.
Perhaps, you should yell, "And, good morning to you, toooooo!!!" (Just kidding, of course.)

That is definitely a possibility. Me and the wind go way back and I do greet the universe every morning so it makes sense it would start to greet back :)

Hmmm...very interesting...GBY!


@multime Intriguing put up - many thanks . Have to be terrifying to own this issue..

Definitely an intriguing situation :) hence the post :)

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