Sci-Fi Novel :An Other World Episode 8

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There’s no time left. I feel like a cornered, wounded animal. “Kathy,” I call, running to her bedroom. She’s ready, dressed in warm flat boots and a coat above her school uniform.

“Let’s go,” I say, grabbing Kathy’s hand and pulling her toward the exit. The door shudders from a violent strike. A few cracks split its wooden surface.

I stop abruptly. It’s already too late. I take a last desperate look around, trapped. Thick metal bars cross our windows, cutting off our last chance of escape. Nowhere to go. The police are breaking in. “Help me put them under,” Kathy says. “Make them think we’re not here.” The door breaks down and several officers rush inside, brandishing firearms.

I step to the wall and close my eyes, concentrating. We’re not here, I repeat in my mind desperately, we’ve left. I hear heavy footsteps and a dog barking. Every muscle in my body tenses so much that it hurts. I stand motionless, scared to move. If they see us, we’re done for.

If our ploy doesn’t work, we’ll be sent straight to prison or shot. I feel vulnerable and exposed. One simple thought swirls in my mind I keep repeating over and over. Not here, nobody home, they’ve already left. A minute passes with nobody shooting or handcuffing us.

Anxiously, I open my eyes and see policemen walking right past me, searching the apartment. “Clear!” somebody yells from our kitchen. “He’s not here!” “Damn it,” the policeman standing beside me spits out in anger. I breathe out slowly and glance to my left, checking on Kathy. My sister stands propping her back to the wall.

Her lips curl into a mocking smile. Unbelievable. She’s enjoying it. Hypnosis seems to give her no headache. Feeling my astounded gaze, Kathy turns to me and winks playfully. “It’s all right,” she says. “We’re holding them.” How on earth can she speak, while I can barely keep myself upright?

My legs are weak and my head dizzy. Doesn’t she feel any of that herself? Kathy must be an even stronger breaker than I ever realized. The officers are trashing the apartment, opening closets and throwing our meager belongings onto the floor.

An officer with a huge German shepherd enters the apartment. Passing me, the dog stops, sniffing the air. Its ears twitch, listening closely. “Hey,” the officer says, yanking the leash. “What’s wrong, boy?” The dog emits a low growl and bares its razor sharp teeth.

Relying more on instincts than logic, animals are darn hard to twist. I’m sweating. Not here, I project, you can’t see me. The dog barks, rising up on its hind legs. The officer pulls back on the leash, almost falling off balance, but thankfully preventing this furious animal from attacking me.

“Bad dog,” he says. “Stop!” “What’s wrong with Buck?” another officer asks. “No idea,” the dog owner answers. “He’s been acting a bit strange today.” Buck continues going crazy, barking and charging toward me. His teeth snap at the air inches away from my leg. The officers move closer, narrowing their focus. I concentrate even harder to keep their minds foggy. My headache is making me sick. I’m losing it.

Their wills seem to strengthen with each passing moment. Their minds fight relentlessly against me, resisting continued suggestions. One of them puts his face close to mine and stares right at me. I hold my breath. I already know what’s about to happen. Suddenly the policeman flinches, letting out a short burst of surprise. He blinks a few times, shaking his head and not believing what he’s seeing.

“What’s wrong?” the cop with the dog asks. “He’s right here!” his partner screams. “Can’t you see?” He shoves the gun in my face. “Don’t move, punk!” This is getting worse than any nightmare. Kathy reacts instantly, pointing a finger at the officer in front of me. “That’s him!” I hear her screaming. “Get him! He’s the breaker!” The policemen turn their heads, raising their guns. “No,” the officer pointing the weapon at me says. “Don’t listen to her.

She’s a breaker too!” “Drop your weapon, freak,” his partner orders. “Run,” I hear Kathy’s demanding voice as her hand grips mine, pulling me away. Still overcoming nausea from the car accident, I follow along as fast as I can. The space behind me explodes into gunfire and shrill cries. They’re shooting each other, I realize. How in the world could Kathy have confused them so easily? No time to think.

We need distance first, now running for our lives. The effect of hypnosis won’t last after we leave. Their minds will clear within seconds and they’ll be looking for us with a vengeance. *** Outside it’s cold and getting dark. The fresh air does bring some relief for my headache.

I feel better and am able to jog again. Fast and full of energy, Kathy runs ahead leading the way. We change direction several times, stopping only briefly to catch our breath. The sound of sirens blare in the distance. Hopefully they’ve lost us. “Where should we go?” Kathy asks. I stand still, thinking. I haven’t faced such a situation before. “Let’s try to get outside the city,” I offer, concealing my doubts. Kathy nods in agreement and we’re off again. I pull my hood down low as I move, turning away from any random people crossing our path.

My face might already be in the news so caution is warranted. I was considered a dangerous criminal, just being a mind breaker.
Now after the incident at the bank and this run in with police, I may even become public enemy number one. The police are after us, and the Elimination force may already be tracking as well.

Finally, after passing countless blocks of dilapidated buildings, we reach the woods. It’s quiet and peaceful here. I can no longer hear any sirens. Now we need to find some sort of shelter. I’m too weak and worn out to continue walking.
Kathy seems tired as well. Arriving at an abandoned house, we decide to spend the night inside, although it’s still very risky.

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