BJ leads to unplanned anal sex in a car

in #fiction5 years ago (edited)

had a fun experience awhile back I've been wanting to share. I had recently started chatting with an ex of mine, and we became FWBs. He was great at treating me like the slut I am. One day he was particularly horny and wanted me to blow him. I had to go to work and didnt have time. So he said I could come blow him in my car on my way to work. Ten minutes max he said, and then I'd be on my way with a load in my belly. Seemed hot to me, so I agreed. I picked him up and we went just a little ways away to a clearing. There were workers clearing trees the day before, so I parked next to the dumpster for the fallen branches. We were still mostly in the open.

He brings me close to him and we kiss briefly before he pulls out his hard cock. I'm on tight schedule after all. So I get on my knees on my seat, and bend over and start sucking his cock. I had worn a skirt that day, no panties. As I gag and slobber all over his thick cock, he starts fingering my already wet pussy. He slips a finger in my ass too, using my pussy juice as lube. He tells me he loves feeling my holes clench when I gag on his dick as it goes down my throat.

I keep getting wetter as I service him, taking breaks to lick his balls and jack him off so I can breathe a little before going back to sucking and gagging on him again. He keeps fingering my pussy and ass, putting more and more fingers in my ass. Before too long he has 3 fingers in my ass. At this point I've been sucking on him for a good 5 minutes, which is longer than most men last when I'm giving them the full deep throat treatment. He tells me he wants to fuck my ass. I think on it for a second... he has already prepped me... he isnt cumming... and how slutty would it be for me to let him fuck my ass right before going to work? So I say ok.

I turn around, and thankfully since I'm short we fit ok. His cock is good and wet from me sucking on him, so he just slides right in. He grabs my hair and asks if he can just fuck me hard, and I tell him yes. He starts fucking my ass hard and fast... I have to hold myself up against the door so I dont get smashed into it. I talk dirty to him while he fucks my ass, how I'm such a dirty slut, his big cock feels so good, fuck me harder. It doesnt take long before he blows deep in my ass.

We clean up with some wipes I keep in my car. I drop him off and go on to work, still horny. Lol As we drive away, we see people milling about getting ready to cut down the trees again... hopefully none of them saw us! Either way, it was a short, hot fuck. I just wish I had time to cum too. I was super turned on after that. He did get me back later though.

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