A couple of recent success stories

in #fiction5 years ago

After a little bit of a dry spell and a couple of near misses (a pseudo-success and a complete failure), it's time to add a couple of great successes to my post history. One was several months in the making, the other a fairly swift move from email to muffdive.

Let's start with the one several months in the making. Not long after my first connection posted a success story about our time together, I received a message from D, asking if I ever made it to her location. As I had seen several of D's own success stories posted previously, I replied that I don't get out her way anymore, but if she was ever in my travel path to please let me know. And although we chatted a bit, that did not look very promising until recently, when it turned out that D was going to be in the Boston area for a conference. I arranged my travel to coincide with hers and we finally managed to meet up a couple of weeks ago.

Through our conversation and verifiable past successes, we both started this from an elevated level of trust and understanding, which made things go super-smoothly (and, if I say so myself, wonderfully). I showed up at D's hotel and went straight to her room. Fortunately D had thought ahead and grabbed a parking pass, even though she didn't have a car (great thinking, D!!!). After a few get-acquainted kisses, I excused myself to put the pass in my car and insure that I didn't get towed during our encounter.

When I returned, D had changed into a sexy bodysuit and our kissing resumed. Kissing led to touching, and that touching led to us getting better acquainted in a much-needed shower (it was a travel day for both of us, and freshening up was required). After our shower we went to the bed and I finally got to really taste my prize... and oh what a sweet prize it was. I enjoyed D's pussy with my tongue and fingers, and from multiple angles. And although D never had the big, explosive "O," there were multiple rolling climaxes that we both enjoyed. Me especially due to her sweet secretions. After several of these rolling O's, D returned the favor with her amazing mouth. As she brought me closer to the edge, we decided to put on a condom and have me inside her.

Between her mouthwork and insane tightness, I finished sooner than I would have liked, but I wasn't done with her. A warm washcloth washed away the condom residue, and I resumed my ministrations on D's pussy. This went on for another hour or so, off and on, with some nice naked cuddling in between. And although D tried admirably, my exhaustion prevented us from going another round. We planned to get together again the following night, but our schedules did not align very well and we had to forego the opportunity, but (and I hope I'm not alone in this) we hope our paths cross again soon.

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