The Story You Help Write: The Case of The Halloween Creeper Part 1

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Welcome to the story you help write. Steemit is a fun community where I love to interact with people. I also love to write fiction and have fun with all my friends. With stories you help write, you become a participant in an exciting adventure where you choose the path to solving a mystery.

Remember when you were a kid how some books let you chose what happened next? They'd give you choices as to the next step in the story. You'd pick a path, flip to a specified page, and your story would be different depending on the choices you made.

That's the goal of the story you help write. I write a chapter to a story and you leave me comments telling me what you think happens next. In the next part of the story I'll write your ideas into the tale and might even include you as a character. New chapters will appear as soon as I can write them..which is probably every day or two. If you feel creative write your own story telling your perspective to the tale.

Now Let's Begin The Story...

The Case Of The Halloween Creeper

Halloween Creeper.gif

Part 1

Marx the rabbit (aka @marxrab) sat behind her desk at the Steemit detective agency. The Steemit City streets had been quiet all summer and poor Marx hadn't had any crimes to solve in months. Balancing a pencil on her nose, the bunny stared crosseyed as she tried to keep the pencil from falling.

The door to her office flew open and hit the wall with a loud "THUD!" Poor Marx was so startled by the noise she jumped so high her bunny ears touched the ceiling. Falling to the floor, she landed on her back, her pencil falling and hitting her on the face.

At the door was Detective Angus Pinkerton, @marxrab's good friend. Smirking at the rabbit now on the floor, Pinkerton found humor is scaring the rabbit. A month earlier Marx had filled his car from top to bottom with jelly beans as a prank. Of course in summer jelly beans melt and stick together so the prank wasn't appreciated. Seeing the rabbit on the floor gave Pinkerton a feeling of satisfaction.

"Marx, we've got a new case," said Pinkerton. "Someone is stealing all of the towns Halloween decorations."

"Someone's stealing Halloween! can they steal Halloween" Marx asked.

Pinkerton replied, "There's been a mass theft of Halloween decorations from stores and peoples' homes. It's the strangest thing. Stores around Steemit City begin stocking Halloween supplies back in late September. As soon as shelves started being stocked, Halloween decorations began disappearing. Several businesses have reporting opening up in the morning only to find they'd been robbed in the night. There have also been numerous homes that have had their Halloween decorations stolen from their yards."

Marx was very surprised. She LOVED Halloween! Throwing a huge party every year, the little bunny held costume contests, served lots of candy to trick or treaters, and organized a flash mob to dance to the all time classic "The Monster Mash" in the Steemit town square! The bunny grew determined and angry! No one was going to ruin Halloween for the citizens of Steemit City!"

"Let's start by visiting some of the people who got robbed and take some statements!"

Pinkerton replied, "We'll start at the Wacky Steemit Party Emporium down on 5th street. They had a bunch of their Halloween decorations stolen last night. They specifically lost their brand new stock of fake skeletons and witches brooms. Interestingly, the manager was working late that night. They told police they heard a strange noise in the Halloween department before the theft occurred. The manager said it sounded like there was a child giggling and playing in the store near the witches brooms but no one was there. While trying to find the source of the giggling the manager heard the sound of a dog growling coming from the shelves where the fake skeletons were but the manager couldn't see a dog. Scared, the manager ran from the store and called the cops. When they arrived the skeletons and brooms were gone. It all sounds very weird. We need to interview the manager and look for clues."

Marx nodded her head in agreement. This was a strange case indeed. Whoever was trying to ruin Halloween for her town and friends would be caught. The big question was who was it and why did they need so many Halloween decorations?

@Marxrab Hopped Out The Door Ready To Solve This Case and Save Halloween!


To Be Continued....

Are you the manager at the Wacky Steemit Party Emporium and have tips to help us stop this criminal? Or are you another citizen who got robbed? Maybe you are part of the dastardly plan to ruin Halloween for Steemit City?

What do you think happens next? Share any clues or tips @marxrab can investigate to save Halloween before it's too late.

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Gif and photo credit: Edited using pixabay.


I will probably get involved. However, it looks like it's not really a horror type situation.

Hi there Marx, it's Edna from Edna’s Whole Food café at the Flying Kiwi Wellness Emporium here. I'm so relieved to hear that you're investigating. I've been making the my Whole Food pumpkin pies for Halloween and they were really popular. But for the last three days, they've been disappearing from the kitchen before I could put them out for sale.

At first I thought it was the homeless people who've been hanging around the gym, so I didn't worry too much. But they've still been coming every night at close up time for my leftovers, so I don't think it's them. And another funny thing, I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn to look there's nothing there. One time it was a clown, and you know how I hate clowns. I'm starting to get quite frightened. Please help, Marx!

Oh hello Edna! I love having lunch at your cafe. Someone is stealing your pies!!! Oh no. I was hoping to get one. That is very strange to hear. I hate clowns too. This getting creepy.Thanks for giving me your statement. I'll have to put a surveillance detail on your shop to see if we can find out what's going on!

Trying to lure back thieves, by installing CCTV and putting GPS on a halloween so we know where to hide.

That is very smart my friend. Maybe we will catch some thieves with a little technology.

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