Our First Steemfiction e-Book with Published on Amazon

in fiction •  2 months ago

Our book Voices in the Darkness: Tales from the Steem Blockchain is out! It's alive :) It's electronic!


It's supernatural!

Stories authored by:


Huge thanks to everybody involved, to our ninja editor, to the initiator @jeezzle and the @steemfiction, and to everybody else supporting our work!

What's mine about?

It was actually quite complicated. I decided to work on the task to create a world where nobody can live through the day. Where rebirth is a practical thing. When a lot of things are obsolete. But were they all bad? Is the present worse?
Maybe it's the reader's choice.

I will write some more about it soon enough.

Take care!



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Congrats....this is an amazing project and show why steemit is the best cryptocurrency project that is around the web :)


Right? Thank you! I am hyped on so many projects being born and developed because of interaction with cool people on Steem :)

Congratulations on getting it out


Thank you! Happy just about the fact of it whatever happens from now on... Well, actually now we'll get another one out, that's the plan ;)

O wow that sounds really cool and thought provoking. Beds would become obsolete if you were reborn everyday, or do you have to go to sleep to be reborn?

I have so many questions, I might have to check it out.


Great to have that discussion started. Yes, that is correct, beds are obsolete. I hope other people have their own suggestions, too.

Congratulations to all of you! This is a great beginning for more wonderful writing from all of you!


I hope it's exactly that :)

Thank you for sharing ☺️

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I thank you, too.

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