Leap Sleep - A Fictional Escape

in fiction •  9 months ago


You said I wouldn’t make it. You said it was impossible, especially as a crushed, useless burden. You said many things, didn’t you?

What can this mean, all the snow falling near? It’s just as cold as can be without so much as a whimper from my lips.

The aching in my heels and lower arch of my left foot is unbelievable. I guess that’s why your not supposed to jump from a balcony. At least it isn’t broken..

Blood gushed sticky with clumps of dirt forming into a horror movie version of dread-locked hair. I was almost giddy at this point. The chill in the air must have some side effects that cause hallucinations. I could almost hear angels singing.

Victorious was the moment I unraveled your puppet show. I was sorry when I first made mistakes, but now... after all you have done to intentionally undermine my virtuous nature...now you only look pitiful..

This is the only start I have to go off of..This is all I am. The girl lost in the snow.

Who would ever guess that on this very same day I was tied up with bungee cords, fastened to the top of a pile of wood scraps, intended to burn along with the deserted mansion, from which I leapt out of the balcony window 10 minutes ago...Who would ever look at me, and think of that scenario. Oh, right. You would. You thought it up, and then attempted poorly to act out the most atrocious of plots.

The sound of a fire truck sliced through my thoughts, interrupting my cynicism and replacing it with new panic.

Oh crap! I have warrants... I can’t really explain the house that is ablaze, so I should run. Yes! That’s it.

As I started to dart forward I quickly collapsed in a wave of nausea and seering pain.

Foggy vision...

Cleaning supplies...

Dogs barking...

Scent of cheap air freshener...

Blurry man over me...
Drift inward now to sleep.
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Great our @lorilikes is back.
we shall give testimony
let the redeemed say so
we shall make joyful noise
The adversary had a cynic smile
It was over he guess
But there is one who has the final say
the joker. He rules over all the nations and peoples
He rules over our lives
In him we live, move and have our beings
falter sometimes we may
but his love never fails
He loves not like man
his unconditional love ever new
ever ready.
He dusts us.... cleanses us
as if we never did anything wrong
I love him. we love him
My saviour, our Lord, my All
Dont settle for less


You are so kind and supportive. I thank you for that! One of my very favorites! ⭐️🌈

Victorious was the moment I unraveled your puppet show. I regretted the first time I made mistakes, but now... after all you've done to intentionally undermine my virtuous nature... now you just look pitiful...

The stories well presented envelop you, trap you, make you part of it, at some point I felt a scene of terror, a cold night, movements, dark sounds, dogs barking, hearts beating fast... I love it, I still want to know more.

Even though it's hard to translate, I enjoyed it very much, thank you for sharing.


Glad I was able to captivate you for a quick read. 📔


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Oh how I wish my upvote was more than 2 cents again. sigh but it’s my only way, currently, to extend my sincere thanks to you @markangeltrueman @steemsearch and @curie for noticing my little super-short story. It means the world to me, so I genuinely thank you with all of my melting heart. 🧡

Yay! Congrats on the Curie!!! This makes me so happy :) And dang, what a gripping read!


Thanks Mr. @CarlGnash 🌈🦋

You know, it's bad luck to burn girls on your front lawn.


Right, that’s probably why the whole thing went awry. By the way nice lawn you added. 🤓


I like to think so. A well-groomed front yard is a true joy.

Hy my friend. I am hopping this is not true story but only a fiction. So there is nothink to be worried. Hope every thing is go on well.


Oh, thank you. See the label- says fiction? ⭐️⭐️⭐️Do not worry, it was just a story from my mind.


So should we be worried about your mind?!? (just kidding of course :) You have a beautiful mind :)


Always be worried about my mind, yes. (Insert evil laugh here)



Okey. I am happy to see you in fine.

interesting article mam... 👍

Haloo friend steemit and @lorilikes. amazing night scenery and I hope this is not a true story but just a fiction. So there's nothing to worry about. though the reality also can happen because nothing is impossible with the will of God. And we hope every thing goes well.

haloo @lorilikes beautiful night charm, though not the real because in the virtual world but this could happen in the real world. and this is a remarkable post that you show in the post this time.

fiction ??? I understand your feelings @lorilikes. Do not worry when you are ignored, but fighting to be worthy to be known, you do not have to worry that people will ignore you. Worrying will not change the situation, but start doing something. Begin to see yourself deeper. Find your talents and make yourself worthy of being known to people with that talent. Remember you have a distinguishing characteristic from others. When other people see your talents, let those who are moved to know you.


See the tags on the post? Just a story. Stay tuned :)


yes the story :) but from that story to experience. Are you alright @lorilikes ? worried

A really distinctive picture makes me feel romantic
Snow is a beautiful thing that makes us really happy
Very wonderful article

Congratulation. @lorilikes is come back.

not @lori,
they are still together with the snow
maybe now they are still cold.
I am sure, they will return to the snow they have missed.

I commented because I am not a licker as they say

in once your writing @lori ,, i salute (y).

Hi lori long time no meet, are you healthy?
I'm sorry for my inactivity due to not have internet packages.
I'm glad to meet you again.

Ok. I have to know more. I feel like I was introduced to the forward of a novel from only an excerpt. Now I can't find the novel that it belonged to. This story must continue. Or perhaps it is already written and just needs to be brought to physical form. Hmmmm.


Are you saying I should continue the story? 🤓. In think that’s what you are saying. 💜

It captivated me and It was like I was in the scene myself...
Pleasure to read.

really great story. thanks for @lorilikes