Is The Other Woman Real? | 📚Fiction | (Very) Short Story

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“You are imagining things Amanda!” The muffled shout of her soon to be ex barely audible through bathroom door she had just slammed shut.

Her hands were shaking

I saw the text message with my own eyes. He is lying. He is a cheating jerk. I must not ignore my gut instinct.
1DB7874C-ABEA-47AF-BCFF-E749BF77EEBB.png The door swung open forcefully and there he was, a bewildered look in his eyes. He reached out to grab his fiancée arm. Amanda recoiled sharply like a hand when it grazes a hot surface.
“Stop!” Her voice was loud and higher pitched than she wanted it to be. “What the fuck is the message you sent to that bitch on Skype about? I SAW what you said to her.”

“What her? Who is her? Amanda what the hell are you talking about?” His breath was fast and his voice panicked “Amanda look at me, stop”

She struggled to close the door, but he resisted with his full strength.

“Dude! Fuck off! You made plans to meet her for dinner on OUR anniversary Adam. Such an asshole!” She shouted through hysterical sobs.

He let go of his grip on the door. Stunned he stepped backwards, half way smirking.

She stammered “Adam what are you doing? Are you smiling? What is wrong with you?” She fumbled to get her bottle of Xanax. She twisted the cap several times but the bottle was made intentionally hard to open just to irritate her .

“Let me open it.” Adam was coming toward her again.

She shrugged away from his offer and made a childish grunting sound, refusing his help.

“ Amanda you read the message I sent to a reservation bot named Hannah.” He firmly reached around her should and took the pill bottle from her. He slowly and easily removed the cap in one half of a rotation. Her eyes glanced up into his, reluctantly.

“Yeah right. Nice try.” She whispered.

Adam handed the bottle to the wild eyed brunette he loved so much.

“Thanks.” She said as she snatched the open pill container from him. She turned to the sink and placed a single blue tab on her tongue then bent down to get a swallow of water from the faucet where they both brushed their teeth every day for the last 2 years.

She gulped hard and then she turned back toward Adam. She shyly asked “What’s a reservation bot?”

He chuckled and the air was filled with relief. They both had given up the fight.

“Hannah is the name of the new bot I downloaded. She makes dinner reservations and reserves seats at theaters, stuff like that. I asked her to save a table for two at the Carmel Room, for us. For you and me, Mandy.” He sighed heavily. “You can’t keep doing this to me, girl. I deserve trust. I have never been unfaithful.”

Their eyes met. She unbuttoned her blouse revealing the curves of her breasts and she whispered “I am so sorry, baby. Will you please let me make up for my tantrum?” She stood on her tip toes and he wrapped his arms around her.

“How you plan to make it right, Miss Amanda Lewis?” He leaned down and smelled her hair, caressed the crook of her neck with his lips. “You are a good girl, you better not act this way any more.”

She nodded silently, her breath was fast. They kissed voraciously, hungrily, as if the only thing that would keep them alive was more of each other. She whispered
“I need you”.
He replied “I always need you too, Mandy. Now be a good girl and turn around.”

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A very wonderful story that expresses many things happening in our days
Good writing, my friend You are a wonderful person and really successful

very romantic lovable story Mam, though i enjoyed to read it :)
It seems very deep love in both of guys! Cute couple picture.

Best is the best @lorilikes romantic love

a lot of times women get hysterical out of nowhere! I think it is by nature that we are distrustful and rather cautious and attentive to any movement that may seem strange, in the end it is a sweet story that ends in a fleeting romantic encounter, for something I say that the best thing about fights are reconciliations! thank you for sharing

many women become hysterical somehow how it can happen I think scientifically that we do not believe and a
should be careful of any movements that may seem strange to them, and in the end the sweet story ending in romantic encounters can happen at first glance and it looks impressive, and with this new woman tame what if we give more attention to them.

Interesting story is able to give taste and emotional. I love the way the story-telling you, lori.

Wonderful fiction. I like it. The girl amanda alike is softly and tenderly, but the around situations makes her hard temperament. I like it Lori.

"The garotte works so much better that way."