Witherford - Chapter 3 - Intruder Alert

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The following piece of fiction was played out in a tabletop roleplaying game by me and my friends; @chr7is, @xramonahx and @teachertrudi. Everything you are about to read happened in roleplaying situations and all decisions were made by the players in real-time.

This is their story.


Chapter 3 - Intruder Alert

“There. Third one on the right” pointing towards a house Iris is clearly shaking, unsure about the next couple of hours.

Chris drives the large, black van towards the destination cautiously, stopping in the road in front of the house.

“It doesn’t look like it’s been attacked or anything,” says Iris.

“Look again” Arya replies “The windows are abnormally dark even though it’s an hour before sunset.”
Iris squints and after a moment also sees it.

“So what do you usually do when you need to go inside a creepy, fucked up house?” Iris asks.

“We go inside the creepy, fucked up house”, says agent Chris van Hellsing as he opens his door and exits the car. Agent Arya Ivy follows him. An audible gulp can be heard from Iris before she follows the two.

What if there really is something in there? What if it gets me? Oh my god I can’t handle this.

Iris throws up on the sidewalk due to an immense amount of stress. Arya chuckles, it brings back memories of her rookie days.

The three of them proceed to the front door. Chris attempts to open it.

“It’s locked, let’s try the back door.”

They walk around the house, still not able to see through the windows, passing a small pink bike on the grass, a cellar door in the ground and a hose. Once they see the back door…

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Iris reacts as she sees the large hole in the back of the house where the back door presumably used to be. The walls are caved in as if a train forced its way through.

Agents Chris and Arya raise their handguns as this indicates a potential presence of danger. Slowly they walk toward the gaping entrance. Chris raises his flashlight, illuminating their path.

“This place is a me-”

“Sssh!” Chris raises his finger towards Iris telling her to stay quiet.

Shit, this place is disgusting! What could have done this?

The orange sunlight slightly illuminates the kitchen through the wide unnatural tear in the wall. The cupboards are open, their entrails are littered across the floor. Appliances, food, broken plates are scattered on the ground and covered in what looks like a white, sticky, stringy substance.

They walk inside.

“Ah, gross!” Iris whispers looking at the ground “What is this shit?”

Chris and Arya continue investigating the premises.

“You guys, this doesn’t look right. What’s going on?”

No response.

They walk through an archway leading towards the hallway containing two doors against the opposite wall, a stairway to the second floor on the right end and the living room on the left end. Slow, Heavy steps can suddenly be heard from the second floor.

Iris freezes in the kitchen. Chris and Arya look towards each other with a concerned look on their face. They exchange looks, their training and experience as hunters kick in and they agree to continue.

“You guys! This is insane! We can’t be here, there’s something on the fucking second floor!”

Just as Iris says that the agents step in the first step on the staircase and releases a deep, loud creak through the wood.

All movement stops. All sounds seem to disappear as the creak rings through the house. The agents cringe. Iris looks like she’s about to yell.

After about five seconds of nothing, they hear a scuttling noise that seems to originate from nowhere. They look around them, trying to find the epicenter. Iris is the first to spot them.

From the door in the hallway closest to the agents, thousands of spiders emerge. Creeping through the cracks, slits, holes and tears appearing all at once. Each the size of a coaster, they could easily cover a person from head to toe.

“Go! Run, Get outside!” Arya yells as she and agent van Hellsing Heads toward the custom exit through the kitchen.

Iris is unable to control fully grasp the situation and freezes on the spot for a brief moment. Frantic breaths can be heard from her as the agents run past her.

Arya tries to grab her but only manages to bump her shoulder. This seems to be enough to wake her from her state of comatose horror and she realizes she needs to get out of here.

She bumps into agent Ivy, knocking her to the ground but manages to stay moving. She and agent van Hellsing makes it to the now dimly lit backyard.

Arya attempts to pick herself up off the ground but fails.

As she looks back at her leg she sees the majority is stuck in an unnaturally large chunk of web.

“ARYA! COME ON! THEY’RE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!” Iris yells, unable to do anything else.

Oh my god! This can’t be happening, fuck fuck FUCK!!!

Arya looks back at her pursuers, quickly gaining on her hopeless body.

Chris is the only one to react to the situation. He runs to Arya’s side and takes out his trusty, big knife. Kneeling by her side he cuts away at the web, struggling more than he thought he would.

“Get ready to run” he orders her.

She nods.

The spiders have made it to Chris’ legs. They start to climb his lower body. He starts to stress himself as there is a large chance he might not be able to finish in time meaning they both would die.

“Come ON!” Iris screams “Cut the web! Cut faster!”

“I am!” Chris yells back.

The spiders climb on to Arya as well. They can instantly cover her whole body as she is on the ground. She swats a couple off herself and off Chris, but for each one she swats away, three more seem to take its place.

The remaining webbing snaps and the two agents are free to escape the den. Chris pulls Arya up off the ground and pushes her toward the exit following right behind her. The spiders don’t exit their nest and remain indoors.

The three of them watch the house for a moment. Adrenaline coursing through their veins. Iris and Arya are both on the ground, Chris doesn’t let his guard down just yet.

“Come on,” Chris says “we need a couple of things. We need to stop in town.”

Arya takes a couple of seconds, agrees and stands up to follow him.

Iris stares at the house. She stares with red eyes at what might’ve been the most horrifying experience she’s had in her entire life. She stares in disbelief at that unimaginable, unnatural entrance in the back of the house. She is unable to think of anything else except for one thought.

What was waiting for us on the second floor?

Thanks for reading. The story doesn't end there, follow me, @lordnigel93, for future chapters.
I intend to keep this series going as long as our little RPG group keeps playing.
I set up the stories and they play them, deciding how it'll turn out is up to them.
The players are:
Agent Chris van Hellsing: @chr7is
Agent Arya Ivy: @teachertrudi
Iris Winter: @xramonahx
The game we're playing is Monster of the Week.
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Something as evil as the spiders of the first, that was waiting for them ha ha

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