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RE: Sarah, Returned--Chapter 17 (A Steemit Original Novel)

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Oh, this opens a can of worms. She's come back to the same year, 1 month later than she left, at the same age as when she left. Once she knows that, she will expect everything to be the same, just a month later. But what changes will her time in the past have made to the timeline? She may be coming back to a completely different family story.

Or on the other hand, did she have to go back in time precisely to create the reality that she knew? In which case it will be the same (ish).

I await the next chapter with antici...... pa..tion.


Ah, a Rocky Horror fan, I see. 😉

Most of the action takes place in the present, which is why I scrolled through her time in the past. It would have just been a bunch of farming and learning how to be a 1600's woman.

But, her time in the past VERY much informs the rest of the book in the present. Keep an eye on certain characters with mysterious agendas and secret pasts. All will be revealed. 👽

oo, oo, how exciting.



I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's ALWAYS an agenda. In this case, several of them. More than one person who knows Sarah has a hidden, secret agenda. ;)

Is Sarah single???

Can she build an offgrid shelter in an afternoon or less, because I need a Liberty minded awake girl as you know LOL

Annnnd the #Canadastan activist is angling towards working into the plot hahahahaha!!!

Hahahaha! Well, she nominally has a boyfriend in the present, but they're not serious. She is married with five children in the past, but her husband and kids are currently in 1699 and she has no way back to them. And, after living in the 1600's for 14 years, she can raise a barn, so she's quite useful. She's become a master at off-grid living, because there WAS no grid back then.

Plus, she has the body of a 20 year old, with the wisdom of a 34 year old (was 20 when she left, aged backward to 12, lived there 14 years to be 26, then aged back to 20 when she came back to the, she's lived 34 years in total so far, but has biologically regressed to age 20 once more).

And, she's a co-heiress to a fortune, with no living relatives other than a cousin and a great-uncle, so no in-laws for a potential partner.

Sarah is actually a good catch. Lol!

Oh, and she lives in southern New Hampshire, which is not too far from the Canadian border.

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