Me Me Me (A Meme)

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What am I, and who am I anyway?

That'll be up to me, of course. My identity is my own, deliberately made to be free-floating, and without labels. Do I have any beliefs? Yes, plenty. But they're mostly in between belief and non-belief. It's not that easy to explain. See, nobody runs only on one specific belief system. Simply because:-

  • There are no words that will sufficiently encapsulate anybody's set of beliefs.
  • Everybody actually operates on multiple, contradictory belief systems.
  • Nobody really shares the same belief (or lens / perspective).
  • Even principled fundamentalists have a hard time. Get it?

The above are exactly the reasons why debates revolving around set principles and beliefs are unending circlejerks. By its very nature, it's just a game of hypocrites arguing with other hypocrites lol.

You want the truth? There isn't any, other than cold, hard reality. But we have:

  • Human problems.
  • Human solutions.
  • Human language.
  • Human thoughts.

So based on what I've written here, I may seem to operate like a mercenary. A shape-shifter with a shape-shifting view of things. You may think that I may be dangerous in that sense.. but guess what? Every acts of war and violence on the face of this Earth were mostly fueled by the egos of men and their undying convictions.

Based on my observation, the only things that seem to be relevant to each and everyone of us are our shared experience / universal language. In that, I would rather have simple debates revolving around problems - solutions, facilitated by the universality of love, linguistics, mathematics, and the sciences.

Hence, count on me to be first to drop my ego and beliefs if they ever stand in the way of peace and progress. Yes, very naive in the face of any psychopathic opposition. I'd say, take them on by simple self-defence! Let's not be chest-thumping apes, drumming up empty aspirations for wartime heroes and saviours.

So yup, that's me. Me me me.

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thank you friend @kevinwong on your exposure. in Human problems.Human solutions.Human language.Human thoughts.
So yup, that's me. Me me me.

I have to say Wow positive once

Thank you @curiesea :) Glad you enjoyed it.

I got distracted by the first line, I'm now thinking of Zoolander looking into a puddle 'who am I?'
I am a day dreamer, an imaginator.
Oh and cool artwork @kevinwong!

Thanks to @shayne. I just added the warholian tiles .. if that's the term.

It is now.

Hmm, belief systems, because there is one which says that if you are even discussing an ego, you have one :))

But like you say,

You want the truth? There isn't any, other than cold, hard reality.

Okay I have an ego.. (you see, I had to lose my ego to admit that I have one.. or do I even have one to begin with?)

Lol, my comment was more to do with a belief system than anyone's ego, but that is a witty answer!!

the words go hand-in-hand :)




Thanks :) Much appreciated.