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RE: Winterberry [Fiction]

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I read this thinking to myself, "This sounds so familiar! Either this has been posted before or I'm living a Mandela Effect right now!"

Reached the bottom. Saw:

This is the second edition of this piece, hopefully finally error free for your reading pleasure!


Haha. :)

As someone who has edited and edited and edited every one of my words for so long, so many times, to the extent that they're an over-edited mess that I never want to look at again, I just wanted to say: good job!

I'm usually a silent reader, upvoting and never commenting... but sometimes things need to be said. "Good job!" is one of them, especially when editing can be a right pain in the arse that sucks down your soul and makes you second-guess everything and makes you wonder why you even bother.


Ugh yea I’m the worst at editing, I really really don’t enjoy it one bit! But you gotta do it, ya know? I’ve been editing a bunch of my recent work for a little while now, and it’s such a drag.... almost done though, I can’t wait! Thanks a ton for the comment, I really appreciate the kind words and the readership!!