Prompt: Slug (a five-minute #freewrite)

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Hullo, hullo! :)

It's Day 537 of @mariannewest's five-minute #freewrite and I'm here with another prompt-into-story integration. But FIRST.... can I direct you to this other post? Half Past the Moonfall Now Available OFF Amazon!

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Okay! Back to the here and now.

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Today's Prompt: Slug
Today's Character: Lyria

I wasn't too sure what to do for slug... but I'm nearing a chapter where Lyria enters Harclyffe Cove for the first time. A coastal city where vice and corruption is name of the day. And I got to thinking... maybe there is a festival going on when she enters. A Festival of the Slug. A fertility festival. Or something. I don't know. But that's what popped into mind --alongside possibly changing Slug to Slyg, but we'll see in the future.

Today's is a little tiny bit longer than five minutes. I had a small brainwave and am intending on continuing this train of thought in Scrivener soon! :)



Lyria had thought Astana was a chaotic city; Harclyffe Cove was worse.

Thousands upon thousands of people crowded the streets, shouting and cheering as a hundred women pranced past in a perfect symmetry, their bared breasts painted in a gold sheen that reflected the noon-sun as they whirled and twirled.

Strange thrumming music rose up from the ground, shook the streets, and filled the people with a vigour that she had never seen before. Or felt. The rhythm vibrated through her veins and shook her entire being, though she tried to ignore it. She would not succumb to this place or its festivities. There was a job that needed to be done.

She held her shoulders high and turned her back on the people, slowly heading for where she was to meet Andru's Watcher; a dingy tavern a few streets to the east. The cheers and laughter followed her, as did occasional yells and screams, and soft moans and grunts echoed out at her from the alleyways as she crept past them.

"Not enjoyin' the slug?" a breathy voice whispered into her ear.

"T-the slug?"

Lyria whipped around and found herself face to face with the worn, pock-marked face of a dishevelled woman twice her age, the tiny strips of fabric that curved about her body leaving little to the imagination.

"Aye, miss. The Festival of the Slug! You ain't from around here I see." A dangerous gleam glinted from her eye and she fingered an exposed nipple as she leered, "Come with me, love. I'll show you things you ain't never dreamed of."



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The festival description gave me a vivid reminder of the carnivals here, until the older lady decided to do things we have never dreamed; that i definitely do not see everyday.

Nice job


Thank you!! :)

Yes... Harclyffe Cove isn't the nicest of places. In my original description of this chapter, there is no festival. We only have a brief recount of Lyria's journey before she ends up in the tavern. Originally she had witnessed four brawls, two murders, and uncountable women beckoning for her to join them in back alleyways where carnal melodies could already be heard.

Now, with this festival in mind, I can add more flavour and depth as well as the original plan! :D

We don't have such festivals here, but I've seen videos of the festivals in other countries and cultures, and I think I was mildly inspired by them. :)

Can’t wait for this book to come out!!!

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:D I'm glad you're enjoying these random snippets!

I'm glad for them too :) just small things I never would have thought of if not for this little exercise.

Creepy, but I love it @kaelci

🌳Uncle Bruni leafing today's prompt 🌳

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Thank you for prompt delivery! :) :)

If I was Lyria, I would go the other direction. Quickly. But that could ruin the whole story....


Oh no, Lyria will most definitely not be following that strange lady into a dark alleyway! :)


Good to know!