I'm Blessed (a five-minute #freewrite)

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Hullo, hullo!

I'm terrible and haven't posted for a few days. Been trapped within my own little world. ;) But, I did just write one of Vengeance's larger chapters! Most of them are between 2600-3300 words... this one was just under 4000. Woops.

But I finished that this morning and emailed it to my partner to read, and then began on the next. This current chapter is one that always made me cry, but after reading my current draft of it so much needs to change to fit in with my rewrite-and-edit. A lot of information in it is no longer relevant, and I need to do a fair bit of brainstorming to mould this the way I want. The end of it will still be the same though. Tears, ahoy!

Today's #freewrite prompt is -- I'm blessed -- and I tried to use it to kickstart my imagination for this current chapter's revamp. I used Lyria for my character for the prompt, but in the chapter itself it will be Cael's point of view. And I don't even know if what I wrote for this will come to pass. We'll see, eventually. :D

Anyway, babbling.

You can find today's #freewrite challenge at the following link:

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"You're blessed!" her mother had proudly exclaimed.

Lyria had been five years old and was still discovering the intricacies of the world. The glass had teetered over the edge of the table and it was a millisecond away from shattering. When she had willed time to stop so she could catch it she had felt akin to the Gods, and indeed her mother did nothing to allay that belief.

"The Gods blood thrives within you. You are blessed," she repeated.

The thin branches whipped across her skin as she ran through the forest undergrowth, her feet fueled by her desperation. Cael was behind her. As ever, his rough passage could be heard a mile off. The forest beasts would soon stir and would hunt for the dimwitted humans who dared trespass through their domain.

"I'm blessed," she whispered, her eyes darting about the shadows. "I am one with the Gods and I have nothing to fear."

A plainscat growled and the blood drained from her face. Thick fur and heavy paws leapt out of the shadows and blocked her path, golden eyes shone bright, then it nuzzled against her leg and purred. Thank the Gods, it was only Ari.

"Shouldn't you be protecting Cael?" she muttered, side-stepping around the beast. It shuffled forward and refused to let her pass. "Oh, I see."



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Hope that I get to be a Beta reader for this one...

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Glad to see you're back at it @kaelci love it.

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