Justin Time (Chapter 25) An Original Science Fiction Novel

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Justin arrives back into the present and finds that during his last time traveling event, he had messed things up. Although he was excited that he accomplished time traveling, he was then instructed to go back to rectify mistakes that were made. His first visit will be to Madam Clearvision. Dr. Filbrick, CEO and founder of Genochronology Inc, had been working on their own time traveling device. After years of research, they decide that Justin's approach has more merit and they decide to covertly attempt to acquire his technology by hiring an ex CIA agent.

Chapter 25: Not Communicating

"You will see drastic changes this year and you must remain strong.", urged Madam Clearvision as she turned over another tarot card.  As her front door jingled, she said from behind the curtain, "I will be right with you."

"I get new clients almost daily now because of my grown reputation.", she said to 89 year old Wilber Madson.

"I really think you're swell too. What kind of changes do you reccon I will be gettin'.", he asked.

"Some of it will be financial and some will be family. You will receive good fortune, however there will also be misfortune and you must remain strong during those times. Please tell me you will.", she urged.

"Oh.. I will..I will..I promise I will."

"Very good. Oh look at the time. Our session is up. That will be $75.00 please."

The 89 year old paid the madam and left the curtained room. He said goodbye as he passed Justin who was sitting in the waiting area on a soft comfortable couch. Justin, who heard most of the conversation, waited patiently until Madam Clearvision entered the waiting area.

"Oh hello young man. Are you here for a reading?", she continued not letting Justin get a word in edgewise.   "I can tell you all about the future and we have specials going on now. Normally I charge $100.00 for a one hour reading, however you can have one today for umm $85.00. But if you come regularly and join my VIP clientele, then it is only $75.00."

"Actually, I didn't come here to use your services. I came here to deliver this envelope. You must open this today and you must be alone.  It is regarding a customer you will be seeing tomorrow."

Justin's journey this time went without any issues. He had arrived at the desired location at the desired time. He had a sense of peacefulness as he felt he had come close to mastering the focusing process that was essential to time traveling.

"Who are you? Which customer?”, she said with great apprehension.

"Just read the contents within the envelope. It is very important. I need to leave.", he said as he walked out the door.

Madam Clearvision went to her curtained room and opened the envelope.

The letter read:
                        YOU ARE A FRAUD 

You will be exposed if you do not follow these instructions.
You have a customer coming in by the name of Mark Hannity. You will give him a tip that Pacific Petroleum Consultants (PPC) will go public and they will be offering an IPO (Initial Public Offering) for their employees before they make the big public announcement. Mr. Hannity will know what to do after that.

'Who was that man?', she thought. 'Maybe he is an insider who works for PPC.' 

"Aren't you ready to retire yet dear?", asked William as he took a sip of an old vintage Cabernet Sauvignon.

"I am more than ready dear, but I still want to finish this one project. After that, I promised I will retire.", said Katherine.

"I just see you working so hard and honestly you always seem to look exhausted.", he replied.

"I am very exhausted, but I think I will have it completed within the next few months."

"I just see you slowly killing yourself with this new project. You have made great accomplishments to help humanity and you deserve to enjoy your own life now."

"Thanks hun, but this project as you know, can be huge. And it would be a shame if I didn't see it through to completion."

Katherine, changing the subject said, "Our back yard should be completely finished tomorrow. I here Justin has a new girlfriend. I think her name is Kirstin. I will invite them both and of course, Blair to our first out door party."

"We can make it a BBQ pool party.”, said William.

"That's a great idea. When do you want to have the party?", asked Katherine.

"Let's shoot for two weeks from now on Saturday.", he answered.

"Great. I will call Justin later tonight."

"Where have you been?", was the first thing Justin heard when he picked up his cell phone.

He had just arrived back to the present after visiting Madam Clearvision.

"I have been calling you for the past three days now. I've been worried, so I even drove to your house and kept ringing the door bell. I went to the University where you work and they said you were on a leave of absence. I understand that you are depressed because of your head injury, but that doesn't mean you should shut me out".

"Okay. I am sorry Kirstin. I wasn't shutting you out intentionally. I have been very busy.”, pleaded Justin.

"Busy? Busy with what? What have you been so busy with that you can't see me or answer my phone calls?"

"Ummm", he said while trying to think of something. Finally Justin gave in. He decided he needed to be honest with her. After taking a deep breath, he said, "I really should tell you in person. Can you come here tonight?"

“Uh oh. Why can't you tell me now?"

"It is very private and complicated. It is nothing bad, but I must do this in person."

"Alright", she replied, "But you better tell me everything."

After hanging up, Blair who had over heard the conversation asked,"Are you sure you want to tell her?"

"I don't think I have a choice because I don't want to lose her. She knows something is happening and she thinks I am being dishonest and covert."

"I guess you are.", agreed Blair. "But can you trust her not to say a word to anyone?"

"Yes. I think I can. She has a good heart and I trust her."

"Okay, but let her know the importance and potential consequences that could arise if she leaked out any information. I guess personally, I can use a break any way. This will give me sometime to take care of some personal stuff that I have been delaying on."

Katie opened the front door when the door bell rang. It was Kirstin, who looked beautiful even though she was concerned.

"Hi Kirstin, you look incredible tonight."

"Thanks Justin.", said a smiling Kirstin. "Do you want something to drink?"

"Just water for now."

"Did you have dinner yet? I haven't eaten and am quite hungry.

“Actually, I haven't eaten yet either. But I am not in the mood for strawberry waffles.", she said smiling.

"Very funny. I was just going to make a cheeseburger with fries. Would you like it accompanied with anything like bacon, sauteed onions or avacado?"

"You are just like your dad. You can't just make a regular burger. Can you? Avocado and sauteed onions sound great. Thanks.”

After a couple minutes Kirstin, spouted, “Now let's get to the subject at hand. What the hell is going on?"

Justin who had never heard rough language from her was taken back for a moment."

Before I go into details, I need you to promised that you will not tell a single soul of what I am about to say. Even if we ever split up. This is much bigger than just the two of us."

"Is this about time travel?", she guessed. It was the first thing that came to her mind that could have such a huge impact."

"First I need your promise."

"I feel like a little girl being asked by her friend to be sworn to secrecy. Yes! I promise."

Justin sprinkled a little salt, pepper and garlic power onto the ground beef as he started making the patties.

"I am going to just come out and say it. I have discovered time travel."

"Wow. Really? How do you know?", she said as she looked into Justin's eyes." Looking even deeper, she said, “You've traveled. Haven't you? Forward or backward?"

"I am not sure how forward could be accomplished yet, but.."

"Backwards!", she interrupted.  "You went to the past? How far? Who did you see? Did you see Albert Einstein or Benjamin Franklin? Someone famous."

"Umm..not exactly. I actually went back to try to prevent the car accident that I was in when I was seven. If I hadn't suffered that brain trauma, then I wouldn't have my current tumor."

"Oh. I see.", she said as her excitement quickly vanished. "Did it work?"

Justin put the hamburgers on the grill and started cutting the potatoes.

No. In fact, I may of caused more damage."

"To your head?"

"No. Not to my head. Things didn't go smoothly during my first journey."

"What happened?"

"I think we need a glass of wine while I explain the whole story."

As Justin was opening the bottle of wine, his cell phone rang.

"I should get this. It's my mom."

"Hi mom, how have you been? That's good. What do you mean I never seem to want to call you. I have been busy. With work and stuff. No. I am not too busy to call my mother. I will try to communicate better in the future.", he said as he dipped the fries in the friar.

"See..Even your own mother wants you to communicate better.", chimed in Kirstin.

"Oh really? When? Two Saturdays from now? You want to meet Kirstin too. One second. Kirstin, my mom and dad are having a pool party and want to invite you as well. A couple Saturdays from now."

"I would love to.", she said excitedly.

"Should I bring anything?"

"Kirstin wants to know what she should bring. My mom said just your smile. Okay. I will tell Blair too. I love you. Good-bye."

While they were eating their burger and fries, Justin gave an account of what happened during his time traveling experiences. He was relieved that he now has someone else he could confide in and that he didn't have to keep any secrets from Kirstin anymore. Kirstin had dozens of questions and really found the whole process fascinating.

As the night was closing in, they squeezed in a little time to discuss how well Kirstin was progressing for her upcoming play. 

Justin woke up with Katie jumping up and down on his bed.

"I didn't hear the alarm Katie.  I'm sorry it was annoying you. Thanks for waking me up.  Oh.  Someone is at the door?  You can open it for me. I am expecting Blair."

Katie went downstairs and opened the door for Blair.  A few minutes later, Justin came down.

"Are we ready to open the safe for the next set of instructions?”, excitedly asked Blair. How did last night go?"  

"Yes. I am ready to open the safe and last night went great. She knows everything now and is very supportive. We can trust her 100%."

Changing the subject, "So, what did you think of  this Madam Clearvision?", Blair asked.

"Wow, she is a piece of work. I am not sure of the contents inside that envelope, or how this ties in with anything. I am hoping we will find that out today."

"Then let's go to the basement and see." said Blair.

                                                                       END OF CHAPTER 25

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