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Two weeks ago, I posted a couple of questions regarding serialising a story and I've listened to your answers. By a narrow margin, you wanted fantasy over sci-fi and a short story rather than a novelette or novella.
So, for the next seven days, sit down for a few minutes each day and enjoy.


A great read, I'm eager to read more. It's very telling that I read all that dialogue in accents in my head. Well done Sir.

Let the adventure begin! Oh my, this is delicious. The writing drops me right into the story setting, with sights and sounds and terrific character portrayal. It's really enterprising that you're telling this very male-dominated story from Holly's perspective. What must her life be like? I can't wait to read more!

Agreed, yes. The perspective really pulled me along with the world-building starting to unravel. Can't wait for more!

Holy crap, this is really good! Geez, all that charm and an excellent writer too!?
Someone get this man a beer!

Um... You're obviously thinking of another writer... Charm? Looks around at an empty room

Excellent read. The dialogue is the best part, and the hardest to get right, but you nailed it. Like gmuxx said...I read it all in your accent.

Great job, John!

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Quite nice. Love the atmosphere.

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Crazily beautiful rightfully said it..infact l love it..l love writing too but yours is super amazing..great work @johnkingwriter