What Price the Stars? Chapter Index

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Chapter Index

Part 1: The game is declared
Part 2: Flight of the Inscrutable
Part 3: The skeptical tree climbers
Part 4: Tea at Madam Shigueva's
Part 5: Travel day, with innuendo
Part 6: The foundry and the jailer
Part 7: Monsters old and new
Part 8: Nothing to lose your soul over
Part 9: The sanctum opens
Part 10: A final appeal
Part 11: The huntress stalks her prey
Part 12: Escape into hell
Part 13: Farewells, interrupted
Part 14: The price of the stars
Thank you, fellow #steemians, for showering What Price the Stars? with support and kind words. This has been as much of an adventure for me as you. I've met wonderful people, a caring community, and discovered a few new worlds along the way. Again, many, many thanks.

In case you are wondering, there is much more where What Price the Stars? came from. I've given you a glimpse of a larger universe, wherein dwells one with whom even Jørgen Pangloss is unable to contend. When all is said and done, will anyone be able to pay the price of the stars?


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