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RE: The Night Job - Part 4

in #fiction3 years ago

Gotta love those perfectly placed awnings. ;-) (i get around this problem by having indestructible characters. But that has its own drawbacks, as your Count might tell you.)
Seriously, this is one heck of a fun story. Have you got more in this setting?


I'm really glad you're enjoying it, my dude! That really does warm my heart to hear.
And I like the perfectly placed awnings! They match the ridiculously convenient fruit carts!

So far as more stories in this setting, I have a lot planned, but right now the only other one is an incomplete short novel that Taffer's only going to be making a guest appearance in. I'm working on it, but I keep getting kinks I have to work out, like this story here, for instance. But I am working on more, as often as I'm able, and I'm happy people are enjoying them!

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