FILLER (Part 0)

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It's a new year, so you know what that means! Tons of stories to tell, with so little time to write them. With the cryptos down, I'm fortunate that other financial ventures have been buzzing for me. On the plus side, I'm earning enough money to put food on our plate, but the down side of that is that I have very little time for my writing.

With PortmanTuesdays officially on a hiatus, there's a void to fill in this blog. So, what better way to fill it with than...


You read that right folks! After going on a 1-year hiatus of my own from writing stories that span for more than one part, I'm making a triumphant return!

Don't call it a comeback

Alas, unlike A Day in the Clouds and my other serials, I won't be able to promise a strict post schedule, but I will try to post as regularly as I can. Also, I hope you didn't get your hopes up about this being a whole book. Think of it as a mini-series of sorts. A warm up, if you will, to help me shake off some rust.

I love experimenting with how I write, so this will feel different than what you've seen from me in the past. Or, it'll feel exactly the same. To know the correct answer, you would have to read this new series, of course!

This was a story I conceptualized back in 2017 and have been writing on and off just last year. I was supposed to post this exactly a year ago, but I wasn't happy with what I had, so I completely rehashed it.

Today's Golden Globe Awards kicks off the award season for the entertainment industry, so I think this is a timely tale to tell. I don't want to give too much away, but this story revolves around that theme. I wanted to write a story that revolved around a group of people that would've otherwise gone unnoticed and fill in the gap between my posts.

So, it just clicked!

Everything fell into place!

This is a story about nobodies, and the human condition. This is a story about perspectives and what it means to be the words between the lines. This is about nothing and everything.

This is FILLER.

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Yay more Jed fiction 😄 was wondering when you’d next have time to do more. A filler series called Filler seems like the perfect way to fill in those rare moments of leisure time 😆 looking forward to it 😄

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One day I thought to myself, "Hey fella, what could be betta than going meta?" And it took me more than a year to think of an answer. That's when I decided to take the plunge. I was supposed to write a post about the continuation of PortmanTuesdays, but I decided to hold it off for a week so that I could put this up haha!

I hope you don't get you hopes up for this one, autoMATEic! But I thank you for your undying support!

Woo hoo! Look forward to a new series from you brother! Will it be different or the same, I will know, because I will be reading it intently!

I hear you on busy and not posting regularly, I'm having a time of it myself recently! Cheers to the New Year Jed!

Fingers crossed I could post at least semi-regularly haha! There's not a lot of chapters though, but each chapter would be a story in and of itself, so at least there's that. Really though, this is truly a filler for a...


story I've been working on. It's so huge that it really took me out of my regular posting just because of sheer exhaustion in writing it.

Sucks that the cryptos have dipped, but I'm hopeful for the new year, sis!

I enjoyed your filler very much. What are Golden Globe Awards?

Why thank you, good sir! A tip of the hat to you! The Golden Globe Awards is a secret ceremony privy only to a distinguished few. Bloodletting, hog tying, bull fighting, and all the usual fair are almost always involved in these things. I wasn't supposed to broadcast it to the world, but I just... I just couldn't help myself. Now, I fear that my life is in danger for speaking of it. Oh my...

Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you spoke of The Golden Globe Awards. They sound downright miserable to be honest and I can't see myself ever attending.

I can. In a body bag.

Bold plan.

That's the way I roll.

Now you're just egging me on.

No, sir. No, sir. I am on a dairy-free diet!

HEY BRO! I must say, first and foremost, happy new year to you and your wife. And Hope all is amazing for you. I am excited to read your new novel/novella story soon. I have a song that I have been writing about people who were treated like nobodies, but it is quite dark and gritty, all based on true accounts of real people I know. I look forward to sharing some stuff again with you soon, but more importantly, definitely look forward to enveloping myself in your wonderful literature once more. God bless bro

Awesome! I hope all is well with your family as well! Looking forward to it!

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