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For many years, this has been one of mankind's biggest question. Are we alone in this vast universe? Many people of all generations, religions and denominations have tried to get a definite answer to this question but yet no one has been able to prove the existence of other worldly life. Although there have been those who claim they have sited many other worldly life forms and also many unidentified objects and phenomenon which are physically unexplained, even most have video footage and pictures but it has never been generally accepted by the general public. Many actually believe in these stories of siting, video footage and pictures but a considerable amount of others actually feel that these are just stories and nothing more, maybe just fabrications. 

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In a galaxy as large as the milky way with thousands and thousands of planets, many would say that it is impossible for our planet to be the only one that supports life. Perhaps maybe they are but haven't found a way to contact us yet or maybe they are already here living among us and we know nothing about it. It's very important to many the answer to this question be answered but with the current resources and power mankind Posses currently, it is really difficult to find other life forms out there in the universe. Although a lot of theories have come up over the last few years about the possibility of other life forms in places such as Europa (one of Jupiter's moons.) and Mars. Europa being one of Jupiter's Satellites is said to have a very solid surface which has frozen due to very low temperature and I said to be as hard as rock, but beneath the frozen surface lies a large amount of water or liquid which is believed to at least hold specific or simple life forms which can range from simple multi-cellular organisms to unicellular ones. 

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Mars has one of the highest other life form theories, the planet know as the red planet has been one of the most intriguing planets to man. Many scientists actually believe that life existed on the planet billions of years ago but eventually got extinct. Although they are evidences that support this theory it is not generally accepted. 

Many other theories of this planet have been brought forth over the last few years not any have been generally accepted when it comes to the theory of life. Even after all these, the planet shows promise to become habitable to humans and is currently under study. It is possible that humans might migrate and live there in the next few years. 

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Another popular theory is the possibility of life in another solar system. Scientists have sighted planets which have the same distance from their sun just as earth to its sun, they also have the same mass, density and estimated temperature of earth, so they assume if these planets are so similar to earth, then they might be a possibility of life forms living on them. 

Truly, it would be amazing if we had answers and we could know for sure if we are alone but for now all we can do is to keep investigating and hope that one day we will get the answer we are looking for.


Of course, I have no idea but my hunch is that aliens (the sentient ones) might be rather boring in case they are capable to visit us. As soon as technology overtakes the intellectual capabilities of the ones who have created it, the bottleneck for the pressure to be innovative opens completely. This has the consequence that intelligence is no longer a preferred or necessary feature to survive, on which other features are emphasized like the looks or the likeability.

Since it needs very sophisticated technology for interstellar travel, I would say every alien civilization must have passed this threshold. This means, they all will be looking more or less alike (given the natural beauty optimum), they will also be very polite and perhaps a bit reluctant and they will also be very equal in their intelligence. But the intelligence itself will be rather average or as good as it needs to be to communicate with their machines.

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