The Exquisite of Oxygen

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The History of Oxygen


Oxygen now sitting in a rocking chair in a small house, she live at 2 Block of VIA 8 in a small village called Periodic Element System. Remember of the first time he was born. She remembered her childhood. He remembered her parents. He was born in Uppsala in 1773 by Carl Wilhem Scheele. Then in 1774 he was adopted by Joseph Priestley in Wiltshire. Then he was given name 'oxygen' by Antoine Lavoisier in 1777. What a beautiful name. The name taken from the Greek, oxys and genes, which means to produce acid. Actually less suited to my circumstances. This name is more appropriate to use by my neighbor numbered house 1, Hydrogen.

She remembers when she was little felt inferior. He does not feel special. He was not like his friends who were put in a special class. She doesn't belong to class of alkali, alkaline earth, noble gases, halogens, transitions, actinides, lanthanides. She feels just an ordinary element. But once upon time, Oxygen chatted with her neighbors as well as her fellow 'common elements' friend, Nitrogen.

"Hey, Oxygen, don't be sad because we're just an ordinary element entry the regular class."

"Really bad, man. I feel insecure. I feel myself worthless", Moaned Oxygen.

"Hey, who says you're worthless. Each element must have its function. Don't worry, although we are not in the special class but we are all achievers, my friend. Even you too. You don't know yet? "

"Really, will you tell me about it?"

"Alright. The 'usual' elements like us quietly very accomplished. For example hydrogen, when he paired you can produces water that very useful for human life. I used on fertilizer industry. But, you shouldn't pair with carbon, you can cause pollution, and harmful for humans", Nitrogen told.

"Do you know, you are the most necessary of mortal. Without you the humans can not live, so do animals and plants. You needed to breathe. In this universe you occupy the third of most abundant place. Even you are most abundant in the earth's crust. Be thankful, you are needed by people."

"Wow, I didn't expect it at all"

"Yeah, you very accomplished. Though you're not a rare item but you're wanted and needed. In atmosphere 23.15% by weight, 85.8% by weight of the oceans, 46.7% by weight of the earth's crust, 60% of the human body. In addition, there are many other uses, such as for combustion of reactions, steel processing, paper and plastic industries, ozone manufacture, breathing tube fillers for astronauts and divers, and with liquid hydrogen used as rocket fuel. Besides, you're also famous for your nature. With your electronegativity, you can befriend every other element's friends, forming oxides. Other elements include a special class may not be like you". Yes, even though I am not of any special category, I am useful to human life, not even mankind, all living things need me, Oxygen thought. Since that time, Oxygen no longer inferior. He stepped more confidently toward a bright tomorrow.

In the past, Oxygen had an Allotropes brother, called Oxygen Gas. Suddenly Gas Oxygen is exposed by ultraviolet light and lightning. This Oxygen gas became triplets and changed its name to Ozone. This ozone can absorb some ultraviolet. Imagine if there is no ozone, cataracts, and lack of immunity. But, now Ozone is sickly, he is very old and his body has been damaged by human activity that increasingly reduced green land on the surface of the earth.

Oxygen remind back herself in the past. She remembered something. He never change. Actually it's a gas in the room temperature, but one day when temperature increase to 90.20 K, it turns to liquid. As temperature of low then 54.36 K he changed back to the solid phase. In a gas state, she colorless and odorless. But in a state of fluid and gas, she was a beautiful sky-blue color. This due the absorption of red color.

To get Oxygen in the laboratory there have several ways. He can be made by electrolysis of water or heating of KclO3 with MnO2 as a catalyst. to obtain oxygen in industrial engineering there are two ways, water electrolysis and distillation of liquid air-rise. The purity obtained from distillation method is 99%, while the electrolysis only 1%.

Oxygen recalled those moments. Now she was old. Moreover, one of her Allotrope brothers, Ozone was sickly. If he can speak he will say, "We, oxygen will eventually reduced if mankind doesn't add the green trees. moreover, my Allotrope brother was sickly cause your actions. If he died, yourself (human) will be scathe. "

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