5-Minute Freewrite Prompt: Yard Sale

in #fiction4 years ago (edited)

I stared a Peter who was lying, protruding belly up, on the floor in his house. His face looked distressed. Was he drunk? Was he in the middle of a failed attempt called exercise? Was he in pain? No, he was more likely annoyed. I felt the urge to help him up but I just stared at him in wide surprise.

"Dude, help me up!", he complained.

"What's that on your groin?", I replied. Ignoring his request.

"I don't know."

Something was bulging in that area. Peter was trying his best to cover it with his shirt but his fat rounded stomach took most of the shirt's space. Still, I couldn't fully identify the bulge.

"Are you even planning on helping me?", he asked one more time.

"Do you have a hernia?", I answered. I was set on ignoring him till I was sure this bulge wasn't something dangerous... or did I just want him to stay down? Yes, we're that close. Peter soon gave up and revealed the bulge. It was a small black box around the size of two fists. On closer inspection, it had fancy carvings on its sides. Maybe it was a music box of some sort... without the music.

"Why can't you get up on your own?", I asked. Finally getting back the current situation my friend was in.

"BECAUSE OF THIS BLOODY BOX!", he was now resorting to shouting, more like tantrums I should say. Now that was a curious thing. How in the world can a small black fancy box stop him from getting up?

"What's inside the box?"

"I don't know."

"Where'd the box come from?" He was silent. He was hiding something from me. "Peter, where did that box come from?"

"From a yard sale... happy?", He replied.

I couldn't think of a reason why someone would hide that sort of information but I figured it was enough torture and I should help him up. Nope, I couldn't even lift him. Maybe it was the box, so I reached for it. By Jove! It was heavy! How heavy? Let's just say the box stayed for a while till 5 more friends showed up.

Thank you for reading the freewrite. @mariannewest gives a daily prompt and we step up to the challenge.
I have been on a writing hiatus for a couple of days. I was hitting some lows of my life and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't write anything. No creativity, no thoughts, no emotions, no words. So this prompt was the first thing that gave me another idea and I'm very thankful. I went a little bit over the time because I was having fun. (Something that elluded me this past few days.) So once again, thank you @mariannewest for this wonderful prompts that spark creativity.

Join in the fun!

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• Start writing
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That is one heavy box. it must have gotten heavier after he got it home...

But how? No one knows. ;)

Ouch. It sounds like a very painful place for a super-heavy box

It definitely would! :)

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