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A havenworlder has a human as a godparent and they love to teach there godchild stuff like survival tips, human pop culture and other things the child's parents would rather them not know. -- Cheshire

Having a godparent, goodparent, or other form of honorary family member is such a Deathworlder concept. Grown Deathworlders are aware of the fragile nature of mortality and have culturally instituted the concept of spare parental figures. This comes in handy for Havenworlders who are, culturally speaking, just realising that the larger realms of space are not made to be nurturing and protected spaces. Having a theoretically-unstoppable gung-ho guardian for your progeny seemed like such a brilliant idea.

Such thoughts are the foundation stone of many epic outcomes. Most of them become legends that make the listener wonder if they're supposed to think it's a good idea or a bad one. For instance, Prrit had a Human goodparent, who they knew as Untee Gar. Their Untee visited frequently, and took them off on adventures.

Humans usually make excellent goodparents because they understand what frailer species can tolerate, and will avoid anything directly harmful. Thusly, Prrit grew up thinking ever Lyssoq was introduced to the same knowledge their Untee Gar taught them. Thusly, when they entered a more... formal schooling environment, there were surprises for everyone involved. Starting with the fact that little Prrit had absorbed wholesale the art of making and launching paper 'wasps'.

The parents were called in. Then Human Gar was called in. Each other adult present had their part to say about teaching young Prrit, huddled in a cringe on their perch, 'dangerous Deathworlder practices'.

"Paper wasps?" guessed Human Gar after the third chorus. "Kid, I told you aim for the torso and the most layers, or just aim for inanimate objects until you're sure it's safe. Honestly... I know it's fun to make Untee Gar cuss, but you just met all these people. Keep it to paper balls if you gotta make something ammunition."

This was not the reaction the other adults expected. Teacher Vraas took a deep breath and steepled their manipulating digits. "I see we're going to have to begin with the basic primer..."

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Untee Gar is the type every kid loves and every parent is openly exasperated by and secretly glad about XD

Sort of a Wine Aunt crossed with a Mischief Uncle. Chaotic Untee.

Let me guess, really sharp-tipped paper airplanes? Wait until they teach the little one about spitballs. LOL

Paper wasps are one sheet of A4 folded to a thick wad and propelled at an enemy with the aid of a rubber band. They really sting.

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