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Grandma I got the big sad, can you read me a story? -- Anon Guest

Oh my child, my darling dear. Sadness must be hunted. A story can quell it, but you must trace it to be happy in the long term. It is a hunt only you can embark upon. You must armour yourself with happier times, you must strengthen your soul with the knowledge that your true family is always there to support you, and arm yourself with clever thoughts to defeat it.

Sadness can turn into a monster if you let it, my dear one. It can grow too big to deal with alone. Sometimes, it will grow too large to deal with in company. It will eat you if you're not aware. Best to hunt it down while it's still small enough to defeat.

You've done well, darling. You have recognised that you have a big sad. You've spotted the monster. You know it best, because it is yours. The stories quell it, we know. The stories make it cautious. That's because the stories tell you that all monsters have a weakness. The stories help you know that monsters can be killed. Remember them as you track your beast.

Seek it out at its den. Track it to the source. If you cannot find a solution, we will work together; you, your true family, and I. We will unravel the woe to a tiny thing that can easily be trounced. You are making your own story, of you against your monster. It may hurt you, my dear, but remember that every hero's downfall is inevitably followed by them rising again. You, my darling, are the hero. Remember. Remember above all that you are the hero in your story.

Heroes have friends. Heroes have helpers. Heroes get assistance to help them in their battles. Heroes can seek respite if the battle becomes too hard, so they can recharge, revitalise, and rejuvenate. Your allies will help you, and you can always ask for help.

The happiest ending of all, my dear one, is when you unriddle the big sad, and solve it. Alone or with friends, you have the power to do it. I believe in you.

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Why can’t we all be that wise 😆 and why can’t all the big sads be unriddled 😫

If we can't unriddle them, we should fight them together. Sometimes, a big sad can be defeated by the knowledge that you're not alone in this.