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"A blade forged of the blood of my prey" does not necessarily mean humans!
the Chosen One runs off to a become a butcher while the apparition sputters angrily -- Gallifreya

Prophecies are funny things. When a child is born, they are lucky to get a prophecy that seems straightforward enough, until the inevitable twist at the end. A son prophesied to see the end of his father may only be there to witness those final moments, but if the father attempts to kill the son first, they set off a chain of vengeance that results in the same thing.

Therefore, when Bon was prophesied to forge a blade made of the blood of his prey, people around him naturally thought that he was going to become some conquering destroyer. So when the phantom came to tell him the prophecy, Bon came to a similar conclusion for all of five seconds.

Then he remembered that wording was important with prophecies. "Can I have that again, please? The exact words?"

The phantom sighed and said, "You are destined to forge a blade from the blood of your prey."

"That's it? All of it?"

"Er," said the phantom, "yes. That is all of it." It contrived to look awkward for all that it was a vaguely humanoid shape made of smoke. "I don't know what else to tell you."

"It's okay. I've got it now. Thanks."

The vaguely humanoid shape made of smoke looked utterly perplexed before it dissolved completely, but Bron was pleased with himself. He'd figured it out.

The next day, he signed up for an apprenticeship in an abattoir, under the condition that he was allowed to save and dry the blood of every beast he killed there. Since the wording was 'blade' and not 'sword', he didn't need as much blood to create a small, yet incredibly useful pen-knife.

One that kept an amazing edge and lasted him the rest of his very long life, it might be noted.

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Maybe it's just the bizarro way that I think but I automatically assumed that blade from blood of prey meant the person in question was going to be a legendary hunter XD

If "sword" or "enemy" had been used perhaps that would have tended towards serial killer or destroyer or worlds XD

Now did the pen knife outlast the creator and become a mystical item with a whole pile f twisted and embellished stories to go with it? :D

TBH it would be interesting to explore if it could... my prompt link is up in the sig. Go forth and give me plotbunnnies.

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