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The two ships had collided as one had a severe navigational error and the other had been stolen by a youth who wanted to go out for a joyride. They crashed together on a planet that, for both of them, was just barely habitable. The surviving humans called out to the other ship and found it to be filled with Nox who were even younger than the human youths who were barely into their teens. Despite a rocky start, the two groups begin to work together to survive the ordeal. By the time rescue comes to take the kids back to their homes, the teens, once barely getting along, were good friends. After all, it's hard to avoid becoming friends when putting aside differences and working together was the only way to survive. -- DaniAndShali

Given the Human book called Lord of the Flies, the rescue crews didn't expect to find the surviving Human teens nor any surviving Nox younglings in any kind of good condition. In fact, given Human Media on the topic, they expected to only find sad remains.

They never expected to find a fully-functioning proto-society with a kind of improvised daycare for the Nox built in the remains of the ship, with passable structures for the rest and shelter of the young Humans. Together, the young Humans had created work-arounds for everything they needed given everything they already had. This, despite the fact that the logs in the wreckage indicated that half the young Humans were at the throats of the other half.

Yet, there they were, working together to farm, raise animals, and create tools, clothing, and shelter for all. Certainly, there was an invisible line of demarcation where one alliance was a definite distance from the other, but all Humans and some Nox were crossing that line in a calm and relaxed manner by the time the rescuers came. There were no lingering signs of violence, though there may have been some signs of pranking. All in all, the village was incredibly well-thought out.

The Nox were seen to first. Developmentally, they were more vulnerable and less capable than the Human Teens, who were packing up "the important stuff" as the Mediks swarmed. Of all the developments that had occurred during the months that they were marooned, the most surprising one was that all the Humans had pack-bonded during their ordeal. Even the reckless one who had caused the crash in the first place had become something of a responsible Human being.

None of that broke down after they left their settlement behind. The animals had been freed, the crops left to go to seed and any fences broken down so it could all return to nature. There was a plaque, at the assembled kids' insistence, that detailed the key points of the crash and subsequent survival to anyone who might find it later.

Those who had not survived the crash were discreetly repatriated to their families.

Now that they were once again in civilised surroundings, the old rivalries were only the source of in-pack in-jokes. They were now seen as petty disputes. They remained as a pack. They remained friends.

It's strange, but the Humans have an expression for it: Nothing makes friends quicker than a struggle for survival.

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Hmm maybe we should take warmongering politicians and drop them into the middle of nowhere with minimal supplies and let them work out how to get back to civilisation and then see what happens.

I think that's a brilliant idea XD

TBH, I would watch the hell out of that reality show :D

Put them ALL on an island with limited resources and watch the fun.

Oh heck yes! I would watch the heck out of it, too! Minimal supplies and, just to be nice, they each get an instruction booklet on basic survival written in their native language so they, at least, have that much. With each booket stating "You will first need to work together as a group for most of these instructions" LOL

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