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I told you not to come here during New Years but nooooooo “I want to experience the culture there” and now we’re running low on stress relief medication -- Anon Guest

"In my defence, the cultural displays looked very pretty and relatively harmless," said Prrit. Ze was currently huddled under a big, soft blanket and had mufflers over hir tympanum. "They looked so pretty and the music was so nice."

"Mus--" Human Dee tutted and tisked. "You had the offensensitivity filters on. I keep telling you to read the descriptors. Why didn't you read the descriptors?"

Now Prrit's voice was less than an inch tall. "...they were censored for my protection."

"Of course they were," sighed Human Dee. They were in the middle of fixing Prrit's livesuit, which had suffered a critical malfunction during the evening. So far, parts were everywhere and a soldering iron was smoking gently on a coffee table. One of the Human's devices peeped. "Oh good. Your extra meds are here."

Human Dee untangled themself from their work in progress, and singsonged, "On my wa-ay. Freaked out Havenworlder insi-i-ide. Let's all stay quiet, m'kay?"

The delivery came with a Medik, who took in the wreckage of Prrit's livesuit with no more than a raised eyebrow. "Okay," she carolled in the same singsong tone that Human Dee had used. "We have ourselves a silly little fluffling who went to Terran New Years underprepared, yes?"

"Yes," whimpered Prrit, in between deep, shuddering, allegedly calming breaths. "I made mistakes... I learn things."

"Yes, I have just the thing. How long until the repairs are done?" Her nametag declared her to be Medik Baasch.

"If it's simple, one hour. If it's complicated, three. So, let's give hir four hours to be safe."

"An extra hour is always good," nodded Medik Baasch. "I'll stay ready in case that's not enough."

"If it's not enough by Hour Three, I'm calling in a techie."

Medik Baasch extracted two bottles, and checked something on her eyescreen. "Yes. Good. I have a slow-acting one and a fast-acting one. The fast-acting one will hold Cogniscent Prrit out of it until the slow-acting one kicks in."

"Fair," said Human Dee.

"Now," said Medik Baasch. "I'll be staying to monitor your vitals and make sure your rest is comfortable. I'll give you the slow-acting sedative first so that you have time to take the fast-acting one. Things will be a little bit strange as you slip into unconsciousness, but you'll be super calm about it. Okay?"

"...m'kay," mumbled Prrit.

The slow-acting one was a dull, khaki green and just on the cusp of too large for Prrit to swallow comfortably. Ze could feel it all the way down to her sternum.

"Good, good," soothed Medik Baasch. "Now the fast-acting one." This was a much smaller, little white pill. It hardly made any impact at all on Prrit's physiognomy.

Human Dee was already working on the livesuit, but the exposed calbles, tubing, and smoke were all wriggling like tasty worms...

Prrit remembered saying something about Dreamjuice sauce... and then she woke up to Human Dee and Medik Baasch fitting hir into hir livesuit.

"...did I miss th' party?" ze slurred.

"Oh no. Human parties go on for a long time," said Medik Baasch. "There's still three hours before dawn."

"And five more before the final revellers pass out," added Human Dee. "Just... don't try to walk for the first hour or so. I can piggy-back you no problems."

"Whee," cheered Prrit. "I wanna try the fried dough things..."

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Doesn't matter where they're from, they always assume the warnings are unfounded? XD

Seems to be that way.