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They had heard humans liked to camp outside from time to time to relax and enjoy themselves. There was no scientific research for it, they had good homes to live in, but humans, as they said to some of their companions, just liked to "rough it" from time to time. So, the havenworlders invited a group of humans to show them how to "rough it" on their world. By human standards, this world was an incredible paradise. To the havenworlders, the night time was a frightening thing due to all the large animals that came out. -- DaniAndShali

Of course the Humans had built a fire. It was a contained fire, but it was still a large fire for the Havenworlders. Though the taming and use of flame was one of the more important steps into cogniscent civilisation, Havenworlders considered it a mark of advancement to get as far away from using fire as possible.

Meanwhile, Humanity took three centuries to finally abandon making steam to create power, and still had an almost unnatural fascination with flame.

The Humans on this expedition hadn't even bothered to put up tents. They were lounging around on the soft mossy hillocks and looking up at the stars, completely at ease. They seemed to have no idea that the night was dark and full of terrors. Therefore, Uisse attempted to tell them. "You must make shelters and hide. The big beasts will come out."

The Humans laughed. Laughed! One said, "You mean like the cow-things? Or those big ol' rolly-pollies?"

Uisse had no idea what those were. "They are nocturnal megabeasts. We barely know anything about them. They could be savage. Please. For safety, make shelter and hide."

Three Humans at once said, "They're herbivores," in a chorus. Then they said, "Jinx!" and cackled like -well- mad creatures. Some apparently friendly punching was exchanged and the Humans went back to lounging.

The spokesmaniac - a Human by the name of Zee - rearranged themself to face Uisse. "We scanned them when they came out of the woodwork," they said. "They're bothered by the fire, but... they're herbivores anyway. Daz has plans to try and ride them if we can."

Of course Daz did. They were Humans, after all. "And if you can not ride them?"

The Humans looked at each other.



"Pets are always cool."

It was true! Everything they said about Humans was true. If they couldn't make love to it, they would attempt to ride it. If they couldn't ride it, they would pet it. If they couldn't pet it, that wouldn't stop them trying.

Uisse muttered, "You Humans are crazy," and returned to hiding in their tent.

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The poor Havenworld wildlife 🤣

Also have to wonder how some of these Havenworld species advanced if they seem to be scared of everything 😳

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Me encanta tu forma de escribir, un abrazo gracias por compartir tu publicacion.

Havenworlders didn't so much evolve intelligence as vaguely saunter towards civilisation for wont of anything better to do.

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Hello Hello!

I love the plot of the story, you reflect good scenarios and I am excited about your writing :)

Greetings from Venezuela

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They were Humans, after all.

Yes, that's how we humans are! Different, diverse, full of defects and virtues. Strangers among ourselves.
Amazing. A cordial greeting @internutter

A cordial welcome in return!

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