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"I would like to acquaint your facial features, with the fundamentals of a brick wall, at high velocity, REPEATEDLY." -- Anon Guest

"Thrown or wielded?" challenged the Human.

This was not the expected reaction to a threat. K'rux startled for a second or two. "You are meant to be intimidated by my bulk and violence," they protested. "That will make you go away."

The Human raised one of their furry eyebrows. "You're new, aren't you? Haven't had the entire introduction to the Galactic scene, yet. Right? You can call me Daz. I'm a Human."

Only now did K'rux realise that there were other, big tough beings in this area. Most of them were bigger and tougher than the Human called Daz. Every single one of them was giving Daz a respectable wide berth.

"I am also Deathworlder," said K'rux, still attempting to show their strength.

Human Daz snorted. "Cute. You're like a two at most. Maybe a one point five. Here." They brought out something small and round and brown from a pocket. "This is a Macadamia Nut. One of the toughest nuts to crack from my world. Inside is a nutrient and energy-dense edible seed. Impress me."

K'rux tried, they genuinely tried. The shiny round surface defied their claws. Something in its structure resisted all the pressure K'rux could apply with their teeth. It skittered away when K'rux tried to hit it with the heaviest thing they could lift. "I can not," they confessed.

Human Daz took off one of their heavy boots and, holding the nut still, brought the heel of it down on the nut. Then they prised apart the shell via the resultant cracks. "I actually have a thumbscrew variant nut-cracker, but this is way more impressive." They sheared the nut in half. "Better scan that, just in case."

K'rux was too busy staring at the shattered shell pieces. "Does that not hurt?"

"Stings a bit," Human Daz popped the other half into their mouth. "Might bruise, but I doubt it."

Considering this very visceral demonstration, K'rux decided on diplomacy. "I would like to state that I am extremely apologetic and appreciate greatly your patience with me."

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"You are meant to be intimidated by my bulk and violence," they protested. "That will make you go away."

They do realise that that dramatically decreases their intimidation factor right XD

When things don't work and you thought you understood the system...

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