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I like my women how I like my TV... thin, highly defined, turned on and flat against my bedroom wall
I like my women like I like my whiskey. 12 years old, and mixed up with coke.
I like my women how the age of consent in Japan is 13, LEGAL -- Some Gross Asshole Anon

The three men at the table laughed at the joke. They were the only ones laughing. Their server was less than perfect at putting their plates on the table. He said, "Really? Really? That's funny for you all? That's just gross."

"Wow, looks like someone doesn't want a tip," said one of the grossness 'brothers'.

"My mom always said, never be mean to people who can spit in your food. Words to live by, alleged gentlemen."

One said, "Geez, you can't even make a joke any more," said a second one.

An older woman turned around in her booth seat so she could peek over the partition. "Excuse me, but I couldn't understand your joke. Do you mind explaining to me how it's funny? Let's start with the last one. Why is the law the only thing that stops you from pursuing young girls?"

Another woman turned up at the apparition, "Are you implying that you'd travel to Japan just to have sex with a thirteen-year-old? You're -what? Thirty-something? Almost forty? I don't know about the Japanese, dude, but I liked being thirteen and only having to worry about midterms."

Now they were bracketed by another woman on the other side, "What's funny about drug-addicted minors and your desire to have sex with them?"

A fourth boxed them into the booth by blocking their egress. "What's hilarious about anorexia and sex addiction?"

The original matriarch said, "What's the matter? I thought gentlemen like you loved explaining things to women. Speak up. Explain the joke to us."

Never before had three men been driven to such silence by women asking innocent questions.

[AN: Any further sexist bullshit prompts like this will be expunged from my queue. FYI]

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Perhaps anon was hoping that you would write something this scathing?

And those questions seem less innocent and more pointed XD

I think you should totally just ditch prompts you don't like.

Frankly, bullshit prompts that are severely racist, sexist, or simply bigoted and derogatory need to be purged and not even bothered with! This kind of BS is downright disturbing. I don't care who finds it "amusing!" If you do purge them internutter, I would applaud you, not that I don't already for your work becuase it's fantastic!

Yeah, I'm definitely deleting any prompt that makes me nauseated to read it :P

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