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"So you're telling me... that you have an actual WAR GAME!!" -- Anon Guest

The Humans had been playing Symbolically Kill Your Friends with something called Water Guns. Traxx, watching the mayhem, was rather puzzled, and asked the obvious question: "This is a game of hunting, or a game of war?"

Human Deb answered, "Oh we have loads of games of war." Then they casually shot their ally across the hall.

Which lead to the next question: "How much number is 'loads'?" Which, Traxx had to admit, came out with more than a vague note of panic in it.

The game the Humans were playing ground to a halt as the Ships' Humans attempted to figure that out. There was a card game with that name and an argument as to whether team sports count. One of the few they all agreed on was dodgeball. That was definitely a game of war.

Then they commenced to argue about the tabletop simulations, LARP wargames where participants pretended to fight with blank rounds, including pretending to die on cue. Then there was a game called Skirmish, in which opposing teams of Humans shot each other with paint balls.

Traxx surrendered at that point. "All your team games are war!"

Human Deb said, "Huh. Never thought of it that way before."

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Yep pretty much 🤣

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Then there's soccer fans, who go to war because of the game...

Some Ingress players are the same 🤣🙄

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