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We have a lot of "dragons" in our history, whether they be a legend, fairytale, myth or cultural history. Humans find that there is a dragon-like species that matches many of there historical depictions of their dragons, but are treated like outcasts. The Alliance, not knowing this, get a little worried when they threatened about the dragons. While humans try to make the dragons feel less like outcasts. -- Anon Guest

At first, the Humans thought it was a joke. Galactic Alliance maps held pictograms showing the intelligent species that lived within any given territory, though some were so small that an observer would have to zoom in. The territory of the Drakkoen was large and had a picture that the Humans instantly recognised.

"You're kidding, right?" they would say. "Here there be dragons? For real?"

The patient map-holder would have to explain that, yes, that was a real territory and those were the real Deathworlder beings who lived there and yes, they really were dangerous and-- why are you jotting down co-ordinates, Human? Following this was the dawning horror that the Human or Humans were actively planning to go there and say 'hello'.

On one hand, this was clear evidence of Human insanity. On the other, it could be a case of, "Set a Deathworlder to deal with Deathworlders," and one problem might just cancel the other out.

They never anticipated the Humans making friends. Usually, be it Vorax or any other hostile Deathworlder, the Humans would beat them back, reach an impasse, or otherwise establish a boundary. This time, the Humans took one look at giant, gliding, lizard-like beings[1] and decided unanimously that they were going to be best friends.

Negotiations did not proceed with the usual Human shock and awe, but a careful series of close encounters followed by attempts at friendly trade. The Galactic Alliance held their collective breaths as disparate Human polities, empires, and colonial ranges actively worked together to make friends with real Dragons, you guys!

The good news for the newly-formed United Fellowship of Terran Planets was, they made friends.

The bad news for the Galactic Alliance was, now there was an alliance of Deathworlders on their borders.

Now everyone who heard the news knew. Humans would spread their pack-bonding around towards ANYTHING.

[1] The ability for individual flight is counter to the ability to develop cogniscence. If you can just fly away from all your problems, then there's no need for brains.

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