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Just because I have demonic powers doesn’t mean that I’m a bad guy, and I have valid reason murdering 36 people. -- Anon Guest

"Was it the voices?" said Lady Anthe.

The Warlock smiled. "You mock me, but you can't understand. Ardnassac can remember the future, so he bids me to alter it for a better world. There's so much disaster that each and every one of those people could have caused. Averted now." A smile that was so deep in the uncanny valley that it needed its own illumination to get around. "That one... will raise an army to defeat Ardnassac and must be terminated."

Marvin got between the Warlock and the small child they'd just rescued. "Considering that you essentially murdered their entire home hamlet... I'd say they're vindicated for wanting to do that."

"The babe is three years old," said Wraithvine. "Do not do this. It is a crime above crimes."

"Ardnassac sees... Ardnassac knows. The child remembers the crimes of... a... warlock..." now they paused as the slow and steady tide of realisation grew and swept them under. "Have we been making disasters? Ardnie? Talk to me."

Steelfoot pulled the trigger of her latest device. A starmetal dart, propelled by a powerful spring, tore through the air and embedded itself in the Warlock's heart. It was prophecied that the weapons of Man could not harm him, and that was true. Steelfoot, a woman, had invented and made every single piece of her high-powered crossbow, dart and all. It was therefore not the weapon of man.

Blood spilled out of the Warlock's mouth. "You... cheated..." he said, and died.

"Ardnassac," Lady Anthe repeated, committing the name to memory. "That's a demon we'll have to take down for good and all. Just to protect those who still have a choice."

Wraithvine was already studying the Warlock's tome for information. "That's going to be a long-term one," they said. "Good thing we have allies."

"An entire army's worth?" guessed Marvin.

Prophecies have a way of coming true. It's all down to the wording, really.

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Pffft that tone change cracked me right up XD From dead serious "Ardnassac sees..." to "Ardnie talk to me" XD

And how was getting pinged by a woman cheating, it said "no weapons of man", fair's fair XD

Serious Fantasy needs room for absolute ridiculousness IMHO.

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