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On the Edge there are many prisons. Some of them are just normal, regular prisons, but you can also find a special prisons.
Heavenworlder (name) is trying to learn about human psychology. Probably the best place to learn about "true human madness" is prison for unstable human murderers.
"He talked about murders with some sort of weird passion. But he started to be aggressive when I asked him about his childhood experiences. He struggle against cuffs and tried to reach me. If not for the guards behind me this would be probably my last day." -- Anon Guest

Walls and bars do not make a prison, but they certainly help. That said, there are many ways to restrain those who are abundantly dangerous and Humanity has been through literally all of them. From outright execution through shipping them off to a distant land with optional deadly hazards[1], and finishing with... this.

An entire planet dedicated to keeping the homicidally dangerous peaceful, happy, and contained. The population is incredibly sparse, and the landscapes are stocked with animals for them to predate upon. Those who need company have companions who are trained to handle them without making it look like they were being handled. Those who don't are well away from any intelligent life they could harm.

There is a city, but it is populated almost exclusively by the people who study the people who only know murder as a valid response to life's challenges. It is well-fortified. Entrances and exits are tightly controlled. Not that the dangerous residents care very much for city life, but those who choose to live there prefer to feel safe whilst they do so. Many who live there are fellow Humans. Some were Galactics of a tougher breed. One... was not.

Sheri had invested in a battle-proof livesuit, one that could keep him protected even in the heart of a gas giant. It seemed overkill, here in the clean and inoffensive halls of the Mental Studies Centre. At least it did, until she met one of the tame murderers.

The one known as David liked blood. He liked to make his victims bleed as much as they could before they died. It wasn't about the quality of the wounds for him, it was about the quantity. When telling Sheri about it all, the murderer David delighted in watching her take her calming medication. He was also into horrifying all those who listened to his stories.

"I cut the last one a hundred and seventy-two times... all the blood was a beautiful thing... Do you know what colour yours is?" He leaped across the table, "Let's see!"

The guards intervened with stunners, and dragged Sheri out of the interview room. The only thing she knew at the moment was a breach warning in her livesuit. Murderer David had somehow managed to smuggle in a weapon and pierce two of the five protective layers between Sheri and complete vulnerability.

Perhaps studying Human insanity was best approached more cautiously.

[1] See file: Australia. Offensensitivity warning for deadly hazards including: poison, toxicity, radiation, deadly temperatures(hot), deadly temperatures(cold), confounding environments, hostile fauna, hostile flora, and deadly storms. See also: Lunar penal colony and Ghiishem.

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Tame murderer, what do they do, use them to cull the other murderers? Secret military weapons? XD

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