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H: "oh SHIT"
I rushed in as soon as I can, noticing a pink liquid spread across the floor as I slipped on it.
H: "you should lock yourself in you sleeping quarter for a few hours"
My body began to heat up, as the human helped me up they look different form they was a moment ago, Breathing heavily.
M: "why should I?"
I was on the floor again, pulling the human down with me.
H: "Its a universal aphrodisiac" -- Anon Guest

Realistically, it shouldn't make sense. So many species had different body chemistry, different pheromones, different fertility cycles, different plumbing... Yet it was happening anyway. I was feeling in the mood for some solidly beneficial haptic feedback. Human Jaz was the same way, I could tell by their dilated pupils and elevated breathing.

"This is wrong," said Human Jaz. They were fighting their call of the wild and I had to wonder how. Truly, these creatures were as they said - space orcs. To resist something that powerful. They had to be powerful and I had to have them as my bedmate.

"Is it?" I challenged. "This feels just right to me. I can make it feel right by you." I couldn't understand how they could resist. The feeling was overtaking my brain. Some part of me still protested that I couldn't possibly mate with a Human, but that was a dull whisper compared to the part that was screaming about how I could find a way to make it work.

"Yeah no, you're not in charge of all your mental faculties. This is morally wrong. We gotta sort ourselves out."

"I could sort you out?"

"You have really sharp manipulating digits. Not now!"


"Later... later's a good idea. Let's get ourselves into the decon showers and see what happens after, eh?"

Lured by such temptation, I allowed Human Jaz to usher me into a private booth before vanishing -disappointingly- into their own. By the time we reached the other side of the decon booths, I was no longer in the mood for rejoicing in haptic feedback. In fact, I was vaguely disgusted that I had considered it at all.

I had an entirely new respect for Human Jaz. "How did you manage to do that?"

Jaz was drying off from the chemicals and looking greatly relieved. "One - extensive training in complete consent. Two - utter devotion to my lifemate. Three - an awareness that you are sharp and we would hurt each other if we tried it."

"I had that, but my instincts were stronger... how?"

"I'm also into delays," Human Jaz grinned. They pulled on a robe. "Thinking about who I wasn't with helped me a bunch. Plus... Human instincts aren't always the best things to trust. We kind'a train ourselves to ignore them." They looked through the observation window at the pink-spattered lab. "Ugh. That's a mess. There is good news, though."

"There is?"

"This shit is flammable..." Human Jaz pressed a button and cackled like a demented demon as the flamethrowers proceeded to neutralise the goop with extreme prejudice.

I just remembered another reason why I disliked interactions with Humans.

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