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(Kid is getting in trouble for deviating from the timeline after an accident involving wild magic led to them seeing the results of following what the (some evil and some doing what they feel they have no choice but to) grown-ups in their life want them to do, when the god in their bedroom doing the yelling is panicked because they're supposed to be responsible for the timeline going the way it should, since it did result in eventual victory over things much worse than even who [Kid] became and so much ends up built on that, and the gods with oversight over her are going to be PISSED)
Honestly, if [Kid] were still six, they might just have cried due to [God of Time] getting up them like this. She was meant to be a nice god. -- RecklessPrudence

"It wasn't my fault," said Pani, getting their facts established at the get-go. "You're the one who gave me the wild magic, so technically, it's your fault."

The Goddess of Time, Fate, and Chance -aka Aunty Temp- folded two of her arms and glared down at Pani. "That didn't fly when you were eight, Pani. You are destined for greatness, or should I say, you were destined for greatness."

"It was still wild magic, Aunty..." Pani pleaded. "I was just trying to get Haaken to stop punching me... and it went wrong." Tears were streaming down their face. Pani and Aunty Temp were the only people who knew who Haaken was, any more.

"Haaken the Drazit. Yes. I felt the hole you left. What did you do?"

Pani knew better than to ask how she knew. This was a goddess. They dug a small matchbox out of their pocket and presented it. Inside was a small, black beetle. "I think it's from the dinosaur times." They closed it again before the bug took a chance to escape. "I've been trying and trying and trying to put it back, but..."

"You have to truly want Haaken back, and since he constantly punches you..." Aunty Temp took the matchbox. "You can't." She tucked it into her robes. "Wild magic was supposed to temper your use of power... this... I couldn't have forseen this. What were you thinking?"

The blush came on harder. So did the tears. Pani tried to stifle them. "I might have thought, go away and never come back...?"

"WHAT?" Now the true wrath of the goddess was evident. "Honestly, I thought there was more control by now."

"Mortals can't always control their thoughts, you know! I was trying real hard, but it just... it just slipped in there..." If Pani were younger, if things were different, they might have howled out their grief at this epic mistake. As it was, the crushing pressure of expectation made them regress as far as, "I didn't mean it."

"Oh, you didn't mean it," said the goddess. "This is a knot that will take a lot of energy to untangle. You must work on focussing exclusively on what you mean."

Pani wiped their face again. "Does the world really need Haaken the Drazit?"

"Unfortunately for the both of us... yes."

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Clearly they did a the time O_O

Ahhh these timelines where you need to let terrible things happen to avoid worse things even later ,ust be painful to deal with XD