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You know, when people do a quick Google search of their dating partner's name, they usually don't get series of international headlines pondering the ramifications of whatever that person happens to have done this time. -- RecklessPrudence

There's pros and cons to dating someone famous. Pro - everyone knows who you are. Con... everyone knows who you are. Alongside the paparazzi getting into your underwear drawer and looking for skid marks - so to speak. It's slightly more interesting when you're dating the global economy's answer to Robin Hood.

Imagine being such a successful thief that you can hire all the lawyers everywhere to convince any given court of law that you're innocent - with the actual money you actually stole. She's that good. Yeah, put that 'femme fatale' image out of your head. The whole world knows that Fabula Reese isn't the glamorous type. Think... 'flannelette lesbian' but without the lesbian part.

She's pan. Just keep getting things wrong over there. Go on. It's fun to watch. My lady has never been more comfortable than in denim, flannelette, and some variety of crocs. Sure, she can glam up, but she's just... awkward. She's never more attractive to me than in her teddy bear kigurumi and fluffy socks; but that's me. Now, you have to understand that I am deeply in love... so I keep looking her up.

Fabula is simply amazing. I don't go along on her heists - natural klutz - so I watch the news. I... google-stalk her. You have to know something important - the news media loves stupid puns.

Fabula's Heist, one reads. Billionaire's Liquid Funds Now Fabula's Fortune. It goes on and on, but the news agencies are smart enough to over-use the word 'allegedly'. Some of them even go so far as to use her surname. Mostly for me. "Reese's Piece" and suchlike. It's... not the best. I can deal. My lady is worth it all.

For instance: today, fifteen billion dollars went missing from a billionaire's vault... mostly in tacky jewellery. Some amazing fortune in diamonds went to assorted fences, as did the melted-down metals, turned into bars of minted minerals. The money, slightly less than billions, but still significant... turned up in smaller parcels in different places.

Anonymous donations for chaotic good. Some winds up in her legal fund, of course. Some goes out to the more impoverished schools. Some goes out to the more impoverished households. All carefully-calculated amounts. Enough to pay for the needed things, but not enough to attract notice. Enough for the school lunch funds. Enough for a small brace of bills. Enough, especially, to not attract attention from the governments.

Billions of dollars, spread out in that manner, can go very far, and do a lot of good.

There are increasing amounts of jurors who would never convict her, thanks to that kind of thing. The billionaires may have the power of their money, but... not for long with my lady working against them.

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