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“My heart feel like it gonna implode, and my body feels like shit”
“Well this is the Edge, you have been awake for 72 Terran hours, two days ago”
Fun fact if awake for more than 3 days, humans will hallucinate or so symptom of insanity. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Feeling a lot like Hudson Hawk at the end of his movie RN. Check my Hub site tomorrow for details.]

"Does... that explain why you're so... shiny?"

"You could probably explain it like that, if you like. You may also wish to call me your self-preservation instinct. You've taken way too many stims and you need to unwind."

"Can't unwind. The clowns will come out of the walls and eat me."

"You know that's an irrational reason to avoid sleep."

"I need to be safe from the wall clowns."

"Okay. Let's work on that. How do you know the wall clowns find you?"

"Oh easy. They see me with their dead, red eyes."

"Well," said the shiny other, "What do we have that can hide us?"

They put covers over their sleep nook, and some false covers over random patches of wall, "to confuse them." Only then did Trev finally take Calm and Ease and a sleep aid before hunkering in their nook to rest.

When they woke, the shiny other was gone. So were the wall clowns.

"I should check into a station," Trev decided. "This is not healthy."

An understatement worthy of an award.

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I was awake for a week once. Didn't have any hallucinations unless my delusions of grandeur where after the 7th or so day I declared to a friend online that I was invincible and never needed to sleep again count XD

(I passed out immediately after sending that message and slept for a solid 24hrs)

My limit is closer to 24 hours. Beloved and the fam convinced me to stay awake for an all-night WoW sesh. I was not the happiest camper. I suspect I'd be even worse by now.

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