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"Why do you always have a magnifying glass?"
"I like having dumb and/or ridiculous things with me, and a magnifying glass checks both boxes. Also, it's not ALWAYS a magnifying glass." -- Anon Guest

"What? So... it's a multitool?"

"Well, there is a set of incrementally smaller screwdrivers in the handles, but that's not the point. A magnifying glass is specifically useful in weird directions and I love it. It's a solar-powered firestarter, an analysis tool, a joke prop and a general excuse to be strange."

Thorax glared at the Human. "That's a life goal for you, isn't it?"

Human Nass grinned. "Aw, you guessed..." They twirled the magnifying glass between their fingers before slotting it back into a pocket. "It's sort of expected, actually. Everyone knows Humans are weird, so... I found a way to aim at weird that suits me. It kind'a suits everyone else too."

"So... in order to be accomodating, you sought out a way to be strange that fit your already strange personality."

"Yeah and thank you?"

"You do realise this is possibly the most Human set of decisions that you could have made, right?"

Dawning realisation grew a satisfied smile on Human Nass' face. "Hey, yeah... That's amazing. I love it."

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