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"I'm sorry HOW was this created?"
"Ok, two parts antimatter, three parts tachyon particles. Toss near the edge of the event horizon of a black hole, while slowly adding the core of a model 57 chronos warp drive engine."
Look into the perfectly stable portal. -- Anon Guest

"Wait. No. The physics is impossible. Antimatter and tachyons react explosively when in close proximity..."

"Not if you use a sufficiently advanced magnetic bottle containment system," said the Human smugly.

"There aren't any," argued Frangitt.

"The word you're looking for," said Steve, "is 'weren't'." The Human groomed themself in self-congratulation. "I invented a new random behaviour algorithm just to pull this off."

Frangitt glared at their Human friend. "All this horse crap for a five dollar bet?"

"Five bucks is five bucks, friend."

"And this portal is... useful?"

"Uuuuh," said Steve. "Sort of?"

"...sort of," echoed Frangitt.

"Well, it does catapult you to a similar portal on the other side of the galaxy and a facility that's impossibly old... but it's a one-way trip because it also takes you back like ten or twenty thousand years."

"This raises more questions than it answers."

"Yeah," Steve sighed. "Also... whatever you do? Don't look directly into the portal."

Frangitt had just been about to do that. "Er. Why?"

Steve was all cold seriousness. "It looks back."

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