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If you think that "something" is impossible to do... Give it to humans and they will make it "possible" -- Anon Guest

Never tell a Human what's impossible. -- Galactic Alliance saying.

They had once said that travelling faster than light was impossible, just like time travel. Humans managed to find one-way wormholes, which utilised both, and then proceeded to use them to seed their colonies all over surprising corners of space. Humans, it seemed, accomplished six impossible things before teatime.

It was impossible to hold one's own against the Vorax, unless you were a Human. It was impossible to merge conflicting technological philosophies of construction, unless you were a Human. It was impossible to terraform a rogue planet... unless you were a bunch of Humans who thought it worthwhile.

Frankly, it was scary to watch. Once Humans were welcomed into the Galactic Alliance, the word 'impossible' seemed to vanish from the conversational dictionary overnight. Humans heard the word 'impossible', rolled up their sleeves, and said, "Oh yeah?"

So much was accomplished and proven, just with the use of one word. So much that they never wanted to see accomplished, just with the use of one word.

One of their own said it best: Million-to-one chances happen nine times out of ten.

Which also happens to be why Humans are one of the most feared species in the Galactic Alliance.

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I read bits of this to my eldest and he laughed at the last bit and asked if it was because we’re too stupid to give up 🤣

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That is, honestly, a working theory.