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Reading a lot of these I noticed some recurring characters. Is there any kind of character bio for them, and if not would you possibly give us some? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Not exactly a story but this must be important so...]

Amalgam Universe


  • Species: Faiize, a gengineered version of the non-cogniscent, sluglike 'cleaners' with some massive feature creep and consequent legal battle in regards to their concealed-until-undeniable cogniscence. Each Faiize is named by a computer, using a random collection of phonic elements.
  • Gender Identity: Male.
  • Actual Gender: Unknown. It's an industry secret and part of the continuing lawsuit.
  • Occupation: JOAT - Jack/Jill/Jharren Of All Trades.
  • Familial Relationships: Though his makers are a corporation called Wave of the Future, he does not consider any of his B'Dauss gengineers to be his parents nor his deities. It's hard to Believe in anyone once you've seen them wandering around in last week's coffee stains with their fly undone. Rael does count his test-creche siblings as actual siblings. Successive generations count as niblings[1]. He finds the rest of his family as time goes by.
  • Platonic Relationships: Has befriended several people on Amalgam Station including Nik the Gyiik, Ambassador Shayde, and Aunty Fan-Fan.
  • Semi-regular Employment with the Ambassadorial Aides Service, and Security, for keeping Shayde out of trouble. He's not always successful.

Lyr Marken

  • Species: Human
  • Gender Identity: Female (cis)
  • Occupation: Security Officer in charge of the Elemeno[2] JOAT sector. Keeping JOATs out of trouble, reigning in Silly Season whenever possible, and maintaining order is a full-time job. She's a Level 6 Precog [able to see forward in time via visions] and uses this to assist in her duties.
  • Familial Relationships: Life partner is named Jule, he's an engineer and does most of the child-rearing duties. Children are: Lyr Junior, Elaise, and the youngest is named Shepard. There are presumably other family members, but I haven't written them yet.
  • Platonic Relationships: Maintains friendly associations with most, if not all, residents of the Elemeno JOAT quarter. Sherlock is her superior officer. Aunty Fan-Fan is more like a coworker in a parallel line of work.

Aunty April Fan-Fan

  • Species: Human/Gebran mix
  • Gender Identity: Female (cis)
  • Occupation: Aunty [think: social worker, but one who's more involved in stopping problems before they start]
  • Familial Relationships: Depending on the definition of 'family'... varied. Had had children, one of her own, and several for others as a surrogate. Her father is still alive, somewhere, but I haven't gone into much detail. Siblings undefined. Family extends to the numerous JOATs under her care.
  • Platonic Relationships: Literally befriends everyone. She's one of those people who knows everyone.


  • Species: Gyiik
  • Gender Identity: Male
  • Occupation: Chef
  • Familial Relationships: Numerous cousins and niblings. The exact familial relations to his family/employees is nebulous at best since his religion includes welcoming anyone who wants to be there into his family.
  • Platonic Relationships: Rael is a valued customer and chief taste-tester for Nik and Nik's creations. Nik is also one of those people who seem to know everybody - and what their best comfort-food is.


  • Species: Cuidgari
  • Gender Identity: Male
  • Occupation: Security Chief for the entire station. Think: police commissioner.
  • Familial Relationships: It's assumed he has a family somewhere, but people are starting to think he came installed with the Station.
  • Platonic Relationships: Maintains a severe and staid relationship with his employees. Has a pet.

Hwell Barrow

  • Species: Human
  • Gender Identity: Male (cis)
  • Occupation: "Contractor" [assorted trades and shenanigans, with added wandering in to see what is up]
  • Familial Relationships: Has an adopted daughter Doe, who escaped from a Greater Deregulation by stowing away in his ship. Some siblings, parents, and niblings wait in potentia. May have left some children behind as a result of assorted dalliances.
  • Platonic Relationships: Ax'and'l is his saurian business partner and general foil. Has an ongoing prank war with Ambassador Shayde. May not have a girl in every port, but that's only because he hasn't been to every port.


  • Species: Unknown Saurian Variant (likely carnivorous)
  • Gender Identity: Male(?)
  • Occupation: Contractor [See Hwell]
  • Familial Relationships: Supporting several siblings and reaching for the goal of being able to impress a lifemate.
  • Platonic Relationships: Constantly attempting to get Hwell classified as a pet. Apologetic relationship with most Station Security contingents.

Shayde F. Pitt (Ambassador 1986)

  • Species: Human(?) [It's a matter of some debate in some circles]
  • Gender Identity: Female (cis)
  • Occupation: Ambassador
  • Familial Relationships: She left Earth by accidental transdimensional transportation five hundred (common) years ago. You can assume they're deceased. Attempting to find a new family despite all the obstacles. May have a Squish on Rael [she's Ace].
  • Platonic Relationships: Has made friends with Aunty Fan-Fan and Nik, and knows Sherlock enough to apologise to him the instant she sees him. Attempts to have fun with anyone in her aura, with varying degrees of success.

Unlikely Heroes


  • Species: Elf
  • Gender Identity: Agender. Ze doesn't see the point of labels, anyway.
  • Occupation: Wizard
  • Familial Relationships: Has adopted the rest of the Unlikely Heroes crew.
  • Platonic Relationships: See above.

Lady "Anthe" Chrysanthemum [Formerly: "Thief"]

  • Species: Kobold
  • Gender Identity: Female
  • Occupation: Rogue and leader of the Unlikely Heroes crew
  • Familial Relationships: Considers Rumtum and Marvin to be her kids.
  • Platonic Relationships: Wraithvine is her mentor and Steelfoot is a partner in crime.


  • Species: Human
  • Gender Identity: Male (cis)
  • Occupation: Fighter/Wizard
  • Familial Relationships: Considers himself the younger brother of the entire Unlikely Heroes crew, except for Steelfoot. He has an awkward crush on her.
  • Platonic Relationships: See above

Rumtum Taig'r

  • Species: Dwarf Tabaxi [think: Halfling-sized anthropomorphic cat]
  • Gender Identity: Male (definitely)
  • Occupation: Bard
  • Familial Relationships: Littermates having adventures somewhere, and possibly some by-blows running around because Bard.
  • Platonic Relationships: Following the Unlikely Heroes around because it's easier than hunting for himself.


  • Species: Human
  • Gender Identity: Female
  • Occupation: Tinkerer
  • Familial Relationships: Estranged from her home village, busy finding a family amongst the Unlikely Heroes crew. Has a soft spot for Marvin. May be growing into love.
  • Platonic Relationships: Friends with Anthe, doesn't know whether to kick or kiss Rumtum half the time. Respects Wraithvine.

If there's anyone you think I missed, do let me know.

[1] The gender-neutral version of 'niece' or 'nephew'. Derived from a portmanteau of 'niece/nephew' and 'sibling'.

[2] A district of Amalgam station that is actually four separate elements: A commercial concourse, a JOAT district, an advertising arena, and an Engineering district.

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / Digifuture]

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