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It had waited 3 hours for her. It had planned it's attack for days on end. It knew exactly how to take her down, and it would have already done it, if not for one question.
"Are you scared too?" -- Anon Guest

Ze who hesitates is lost, -- Ancient wisdom.

Unfortunately for Grethagh, terror of the darkness, it was remembered too late. This was its first hunt, and taking its time to enjoy it had seemed like a rational choice. Now? Not so much. Because a question had to be answered. Because the rule book said nothing about telling the truth. Because nobody was ever supposed to survive a monster attack... Grethagh, terror of the darkness had said, "Uh. A little? I mean. I'm nervous about this. It's my first night."

Nicole said, "Oh, man, that is an entire mood. Like. First day on the job? I got off at the wrong station, but I don't have enough to get to the right station. And then I figure, hey, it's only five blocks, I can walk that. It's dark, I've lost my phone service because of the clouds or something, and I'm pretty sure I took a wrong turn and then... here we are."

Grethagh, terror of the darkness, said, "Where are you trying to go?"

"Sweetheart Lane by way of Twenty-fourth." Nicole showed it the map on the phone.

It said, "Yeah, that's a total dead zone, we're actually way east of there. I can lead you back to Sweetheart Lane, no problem."

As they walked, they chatted. As they chatted, they became friends. Since they were friends, Grethargh, terror of the darkness, couldn't really hunt her any more. As a monster, it was a failure. Grethargh, terror of the darkness, couldn't really go home.

Therefore, when Nicole reached her car, Grethargh, terror of the darkness, didn't exactly want to say goodbye. It um'd and er'd. It kept bringing up weird things to talk about. It attempted small talk.

"Don't wanna go home?" offered Nicole. "I'm only renting for work, so it's one bedroom, but I still have a couch. We can work something out from there."

Grethargh, terror of the darkness, had never expected kindness from a Human. It was quite the unexpected high. "You'd... do that? I was going to hunt you..."

Nicole smiled. "I can tell when someone doesn't fit the usual plan," she said. "I'm from One Horse, after all. We have lots of people like that."

Oh. That explained everything.

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That terror of the darkness was entirely to cute xD