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Drug PSA's from America are always funny for me to watch. Esecially the Infamous "This is your Bain on Drugs" or the one with Peewee Herman, where he Talks about Crack.
I know IT IS a serious Problem, but i cant watch them without cracking Up (^^ teeh hee hee). Its Just so insane.
Can you make a Story about Footage of those being found by Havenworlders and they question a Human? Thanks in Advance.
For those, that have No Idea what I'm talking about: [This is your brain on drugs PSA] [Peewee Herman PSA] -- Anon Guest.

The Archivaas generally became accustomed to Havenworlders asking what the heck was wrong with Humanity. Deathworlders asked the same question. In fact, all the alliance species came to ask it. Powers, even some Humans came to ask it.

In this case, Exhibit A was some found or recovered footage they had gleaned from the Hydrogen Line[1] or possibly found on a graveworld. The translated data contained two short videos. Public service announcements from the pre-Shattering era about drugs. One was about a substance called 'crack', and wanting to be cool, delivered by possibly the uncoolest-looking person in the known universe. The other was about all drugs apparently causing one's brain to be fried.

Archivaas Thane watched in all seriousness, already familiar with footage like it. This was, more or less, her wheelhouse. PSA's of all kinds had been her preferred field of study. The various ways the people of the era chose to get the message across. These were, all in all, the least shocking of the examples Thane had seen. Once the viewing was over, Thane did her best to catalogue them and attempt a dating of their era. As for an explanation: "These were early attempts to prevent the populace from self-harm via poisonous and semi-poisonous substances," she said. "They were all addressing the symptoms and not the problem."

The Havenworlders, Numidid all, looked to each other and the spokesbird asked, "What was the problem?"

"Poverty, racism, elitism, and late-stage capitalism in that order," said Thane. "The drugs existence was not the problem, but a symptom of a larger atmosphere of prejudice, discrimination, and hate. If they had addressed the problem, they wouldn't need these... public service announcements, because the symptomatic need for chemically-induced escape would not exist."

More looking to each other as if to say, You ask. No you ask... Eventually, the spokesbird enquired, "They used chemicals to feel better in an environment that made them feel horrible, yes?"

"That is correct," said Archivaas Thane.

"Why did the administration not improve the environment?"

"Mass self-delusion. They thought the impoverished deserved their fate through being lazy, instead of being the result of wide-spread, systemic prejudice against them. I'm sure there was something in there about their deity's judgement, because that sort of thing always flies in the courts of the self-appointed righteous."

The Numidid went into a huddle. Heads popped up from time to time, but a consensus was agreed in the end. The spokesbird said, "What in the name of the good and kind Powers was wrong with Humanity?"

Fifteenth time, today.

[1] The least-used radio frequency in the known universe. We still use it for radio transmissions now, and we're scanning the stars for any hint of civilisations like our own. Egocentric of us, but still cool to know.

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / Leaf]

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Sounds like that needs to go in the faq XD

It is. Unfortunately the answer of, Nobody knows, and we apologise for the inconvenience, fails to satisfy.