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During an enemy attack on their cargo ship.
Human: "Be lucky you still have legs, because I collect those ! :-) "
Alien Crewmate: "Can you please Stop quoting Isaak from Battleborn?"
Human: "It works though! Just look at those wannabe Pirates!!" -- Anon Guest

There is a saying, Human is as Human does, and it has a multitude of meanings. In this case, the Human is one thin moral line away from outright sociopathy and psychopathy at the same time.

"You're lucky you still have legs," grinned Human Jon. "I collect those." The delivery was right from the depths of the deepest nightmare, and made the would-be pirates retreat to the safety of their vessel all the faster. Leaving behind them a trail of semi-valuable items and, perhaps, personal effluvia as their fight or flight instincts kicked in.

Hyroq sighed at the rescue, knowing that Human Jon had a remarkable capability for acting. "Can you please stop doing that? It's very disturbing." Then, because he realised that was the point, he added, "To more than your intended audience."

"What? Isaak from Battleborn has the best lines... You know it's all a doddle..."

"I may be the only one in the room who is aware." Hyroq tried another way of putting it. "You're scaring the babies."

Human Jon stopped cold, letting the pirates get away. Looking around her as she noticed all the young ones attempting to hide with a distinctive lack of hiding places. "Aw. Aaaw, babies... Aaaaaawwwww..." She immediately hunkered down and started singsonging, "It's okay... It's okay. Da hoomin's jus' bein' a big silly... you safe... it's good. It's a pretend game to scare away the bad people..."

Also, that saying can mean that Humans can go from savage to ridiculous in a picosecond. Especially if small creatures are around.

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