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Humans write a Letter in the style of Titus to Joseph Stalin to an Alien-Aggressor.
Fun for the Humans. Nightmares for the other Race. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have immense trouble getting that style, but I shall attempt the spirit of it]

From: Admiral Eddington, Commander in Chief, Vanerio Colonial Armed Forces. To: Lord Commander Warchief Xyrkyrkyz, Head of the Vorax Raiding Fleet.

Sir, we had left you alive in Panrinton, chiefly so you could warn your fellows in regards to our presence and determination to maintain said position. You have clearly not performed the duty allotted as price for our mercy. You have, instead, raised some significant forces just beyond the reach of our long-range weaponry. This is an unprecedented act of hubris and gall.

Hubris, because you assume the range of our longest-range weapon, and gall because we did warn you. Obviously, the reputation of Vanerio Space Marines has yet to reach your... whatever you use for ears. We are undefeated. We are well armed. We are now pissed off.

By the time you have read this far, our longest-range weapons have finished powering up, and the strike will initiate in a few more minutes. This will give you a Standard Minute to attempt to vacate our system, or to make peace with your gods.

You have fifty-six seconds, assuming you're a fast reader.

The message wasn't only sent to the Vorax, it was sent to their allies. It was sent to their agents. It was sent to all the civilisations who thought that the Humans sparing Warchief Xyrkyrkyz was a sign of weakness. From there, it spread to the rest of the Allied civilisations. It can still precede the spread of Humanity towards any given portion of the Edge Territories and beyond.

It terrifies many. Including other Humans.

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