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One human captain has a very, intense, reaction to adrenaline. Thankfully, the crew is understanding. (I was thinking crying/sobbing but if you get a better idea then that's perfect.) -- Anon Guest

Adrenaline is a powerful chemical. It does not, as many expect, make Humans violent. This is just one way for Humans to react. The typical reactions caused by Adrenaline is one of two: Fight... or Flight. Without emotional direction, the side-effects include nausea, an urgent need to vacate the bowels, and tremula in the extremities[1].

In the case documented by the Baron Munchausen, their Captain Rhees suffered from anxiety, and the use of an adrenaline dart against him did not turn him into a ravening ragebeast as the opposition expected. It augmented his existing fear, which can have interesting angles. Fear can do odd things to a Human.

In this case, Captain Rhees fell to his knees, screaming and crying. The attackers paused, first because they were not expecting that reaction, second because they reasoned it might be a ruse. Third... because a screaming Human usually meant an attacking Human. That last one was the thing that broke them. They were unfamiliar with this reaction and broke to flee the field.

The crew of the Baron Munchausen rescued the day, because they knew and loved their Captain, and knew what to do when his anxiety got the better of him. First, the standard treatments for Adrenaline overdose - keeping the patient warm, moving, and hydrated with sucrose solutions. Then, once the chemistry started to wear off, came the comforts. One by one, crewmembers offered haptic therapy, and the assorted comforts that Captain Rhees used to combat his personal troubles.

In this case, it was a fluffy blanket, a hot chocolate, and an hour or two of quiet meditation.

[1] Not just research - I had adrenaline administered when I was having a nasty asthma attack and... yeah. All of the above.

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