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Toilets are necessary. Each species their own. Some don't even produce waste, because they literally use EVERYTHING they have. Others recycle.
Toilets in outer space are subsequently vital for Most species of Aliens and so as Clean as they can only be. You could AND can literally eat from them.
However, they didn't realise the hygienical nightmare of an outer space toilet in an Asteroid used by Humans.
(I think everyone knows, how a toilet on an interstate section with Zero Maintenance is) ^^ -- Anon Guest

Everyone uses the low-G toilet in the same way - in a state of near-permanent confusion and reading the instructions with a baffled squint. For everyone else, there are multi-species amenities with mobile additions that are confounding to everyone who has no idea what they're for. Speculation, of course, abounds.

At Podunk Station, however, the chief question is, "Who the flakk left this disaster zone?" it is a station so remote that hardly anyone ever stops there to begin with. As an experiment in a fully-automated rest stop facility... it makes excellent salvage. The Cleaners and the Skitties there are feral. So are the actual vermin, but people notice the Skitties and the Cleaners.

Just like Trucker Marjoram did when she had to stop there. The vendomats contained the topmost selling snack stuff, including the most popular beverages... and the waste elimination facilities... were practically a cesspit on their own. Throwing a Cleaner or three in there didn't help by much. The giant blue slugs just slithered straight out of there again. Marjoram didn't blame them, really.

This place was a nightmare. At least Marjoram's rig had its own facilities, but... this? This could not be left the way it was.

Cleaning this in its entirety would cost her so much Time. Marjoram literally couldn't afford to stay and clean. However... one being's waste is another's gold mine. Therefore, the scanner was the answer. Sooner or later, someone would come with appropriate mining tools, and literally chip away the solid coating of villainous scum laying in and on an otherwise innocent multispecies toilet.

There was, according to the scanner, some fifteen Hours' worth of mineral deposits there. Sooner or later, someone would come to collect. All Marjoram had to do was post the word.

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